Lil Wayne Trying To Move On From Controversy And Health Problems, Celebrates Launch Of New Shoe Line

wayneLil Wayne is trying to get past the mess he made with the family of Emmitt Till and fans. Although he lost his deal with PepsiCo and Mountain Dew, over his inappropriate use of Emmitt Till’s memory in a rap song, Lil Wayne does not seem to be hurt financially by it, nor has his apology been deemed sufficient to the family.

But now the Cash Money rapper has launched a new shoe line. Spectre by skateboarding brand, Supra, was introduced in Miami over the weekend. The shoe deal came out of  Weezy’s love for skateboarding.

The prototype for the shoe was revealed last year at Project MAGIC. The official launch is May 18th.

Weezy celebrated with his manager Cortez Bryant, Young Money president Mack Maine, rapper Bun B, and pro skateboarder Stevie Williams. Weezy told MTV, “I’ve been rocking this shoe before I even knew what it was, so for me to start skating now and shoe lines start coming at me, it would’ve been only right to mess with the people I been rocking with.”

Aside from the shoe line, Weezy also hit the stage and performed his song “No Worries” while Mayweather approached the ring for his big boxing match with Robert Guerrero.

The anticipated launch of his shoe line is good news for the rapper, but does not erase the fact that Lil Wayne has a lot of other issues that he must face. Just last week the rapper experienced another seizure which landed him back in the hospital. Many have speculated that the seizures could be from his excessive drug use, which has become a sore thumb within the rap world. Kriss Kross member Chris Kelly lost his life after alleged excessive drug use, last week, at the age of 34. Many are hoping that Lil Wayne can turn his situation around before it gets any worse.

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