Kordell Stewart Put Porsha Out On The Street

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There is constantly new information surfacing about the divorce battle between Kordell and Porsha Steward. Obviously there is something going on behind closed locked doors…literally. Kordell doesn’t want Porsha to see something! Porsha and Kordell’s divorce has to be a publicity stunt…right?!

According to TMZ

Kordell Stewart absolutely positively DOES NOT wanna see his estranged wife Porsha Williams anymore! And this is a fact because the ex-NFL star just changed the locks on the family home to keep her out … according to Porsha.

“Real Housewives of ATL” star Porsha Steward just filed new documents in her divorce battle with Kordell … and according to them, the feud between the two just became more messy.

The documents were filed in family court in Georgia and they were obtained by TMZ. In them Porsha claims Kordell has locked her out of their residence on multiple occasions.  She said she even had to have her lawyer beg Kordell’s people for a key.

Sources close to the situation have admitted that Kordell letting go of power and control — and has not released the key.

WAIT! There is definitely more… According to the divorce files, Porsha tried to work things out with Kordell in a mediation session, but she said he blew the whole thing off … and called it a “waste of everyone’s time.” So I guess Porsha is not the villain in this story.

Porsha would like to request for a judge to force Kordell to either allow her to use the house … or pay her enough money so that she can get a “suitable alternative residence.”

Many sources informed TMZ that Porsha is currently living with her mom in Atlanta. But it is understandable for a grown woman to not want to make her mother’s house a permanent residence.

Representatives for Kordell have been reached out to, but calls have not been returned.

Sommer Payne

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  1. Why is it never a happy ending in the "real lives" of those who play out heir lives in "Reality TV shows"?


  3. If he was not willing to go to mediation session/class… he is saying that he is DONE, DONE… get over it, it's time to move ON.


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