Kanye West Walks Into a Pole, then Goes Bananas at Photographers for Taking His Picture

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Kanye may have lost some cool points after walking down the street and bumping into a pole. What’s even worse is when you are surrounded by photographers who plan to get rich from your embarrassment.   The incident occurred as West was trying to evade the photogs who were hounding him.

As he tried to get away, he slammed his head into the pole, which only made him angrier.

“Don’t take another f**kin photo man!” and “All of you motherf**kers stop it!” Kanye yelled at those standing nearby, which probably caused them to take even more pictures than ever before.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are expecting a child soon, but this is hardly how they want their baby to remember his/her father.  We hope that Kanye is ok.

One thing that Kanye doesn’t seem to be doing very much these days is making music.  But since he is worth $100 million, he probably doesn’t have to do much performing to stay wealthy.  Kanye was born in Atlanta, but raised in Chicago.  He dropped out of college to start his music career.  It seems to be a good investment for Kanye, but a bad move for all the other college drop outs in the music industry that we’re not writing about right now.


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  1. where's the video dumbass.

    • you rite I would love to see jackass walk in to a poll lol.

  2. Bawhahshaha!!! Yes, please let there be a video!!!! Hopefully the pile knocked some couth into his ignorant ass.

  3. His mama has got to be turning over in her grave. His mind has not been right since she left here.

  4. LOL!!! Look at Kim. LOL!!!


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  7. oops, maybe we will have an attitude adjustment. Wonder if the pole was hurt. HAHA

  8. any girls want to give me a lap dance?


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