K. Michelle Talks Moving To “Love & Hip Hop New York” and Dating Chad Johnson

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Any fan of the VH1 drama-fied series already knows the the 27-year old singer, who is better know as a reality star now) is full of surprises. She has just announced that she officially leave the cast of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.” But do not be mistaken she will not be leaving the reality spot light for good! She will now join the ladies of “Love and Hip Hop New York.” K. Michelle revealed this information during an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club.

She also told to the radio show that she will soon be staring in her own spin off series, and discussed rumors about having a relationship with the former Miami Dolphins player Chad Johnson. She previously denied the rumors all together, but now she is opening up and being a little more specific.

When asked about what made her decide to make the switch between locations of the popular reality show she said:

“It’s just time to go. I got some other stuff popping off. They are actually bringing me to ‘Love & Hip Hop New York.’ I do have my own show [as well].”

“Coming to New York is basically setting up my own show. It’ll kind of be my own show within ‘Love & Hip Hop.’ You really won’t see me with – you know.”

Hmmm wonder what she meant by that last statement. Is there already drama awaiting her arrival in New York?

She was also asked how has the show changed her life. She very humbly answered by saying. “I always say this, nobody, no matter how good I was singing or what was going on, nobody was listening to my music. And now all of a sudden, I put out this mixtape. It got over a million downloads. All my New York shows, all my shows are selling out because they introduced me on this show. ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ was a great stepping stone for me.” So atleast the diva/ drama queen is self aware too!

The topic then switched from her success on the show to her love life. K. Michelle explained an instance when Chad Johnson bought her an actual monkey in an effort to try to win her over.

“Yes, he did. You can’t bring the monkey to New York, so the monkey is in Florida and I’ve been trying to find it a home.  Chad approached me and he tried to date me and I was like, ‘No, I don’t want no shoes. Everybody get shoes man. I want a monkey.’”

She went on to say how though it was a nice thing to do, she plans on not rushing into anything and simply wants to be friends.

“I thought it was a sweet gesture. And no, we have not slept together. I been through a lot with this dating thing. I spoke to Chad yesterday. We are friends and I think that’s what it needs to be. I think I hopped into something that I shouldn’t have hopped into so quickly last time and I feel like now I have to pace it.”

“We are going to dinner and we are being friends. We’re talking on the phone. He’s courting.”

“He’s really nice. I’m getting to know him as a friend.”

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  1. This "article" has A LOT of typos and grammatical errors in it. Try proofreading next time.

  2. K Michelle has some serious issues. Drama follows her wherever she goes. I, for one, could careless if she’s getting her own shoe. I won’t watch it. She gives me a headache!

  3. Oops! Shoe (typo) should be “show”.

  4. I am glad K and Chad are just friends. I am also glad she will not be returning to love & hip hop Atl. The MAIN person who REALLY got on my nerves was Traci calling innocent women groupie hoes. Now that’s the person who should not have been allowed on the show in the first place

  5. Can't blame K Michelle. Paaace.

  6. I wish her the best…she needs all the saints of heaven in her life!

  7. Good Luck K….

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