Just Ratchet: Ugly Fight Breaks Out at Kindergarten Graduation, Gunshots Reported

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The students at Michael R. White Elementary School in Cleveland saw an image they would not forget.  In what most of us would expect to be a peaceful gathering of parents celebrating a good cause, absolute pandemonium broke out at a Kindergarten graduation.   A massive fight led to the arrests of eight people, each of which should be ashamed of themselves.

Toward the end of the ceremony, several adults turned the graduation into an incident that led to charges of “aggravated rioting,” among others.   Officers were dispatched to the scene of the crime, and there were even reports of gunfire.

Officers are saying that the fight started during a battle between two teen girls who started to fight at the scene.  Detective Jennifer Ciaccia says that she assumes the women were there for the graduation.

“We assume they were there for the graduation ceremony,” she said. “Several adults then got involved.”

After the girls started to fight, their relatives got involved.   Police Commander Wayne Drummond arrived on the scene and said that it was sad to see parents fighting in front of innocent children.

“It’s an absolute shame,” said Drummond. “That something as good as a graduation ceremony, a promotion ceremony, is marred by the actions of a few.”

The school had to be put on lockdown to ensure the safety of the children.

Roseann Canfora, spokeswoman for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, says that none of their students were involved in the fight.  She also says that a hammer and stick were taken as evidence.



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  1. This is the same city where the "phone lady" lives. How many are recipients of "free phones?" This should tell you something about why Democrats want to keep pumping food stamps and free phones into the area. There are some people who live there who are trapped in a cycle of government handouts. The local churches should be teaching the love of Christ on every corner of the city.

    • Leon, I hear what you're saying, but I highly doubt that these people you speak of will be receptive to the teaching about the love of Christ. They are so conditioned to expect the "government handouts" that they don't have any incentive do better for themselves and to try to break this vicious cycle that still continues today. WE as a people have a looong way to go!!!

    • The local church should be like years ago and take the money they are given and help, it seems like the people need more then words. I do not disagree with teaching the love of Christ.

    • What the hell does government handouts and other conservative code phrases have to do with the actions of ignorant individuals at a Kindergarten graduation? You allude to some nonsense months ago that was only focus on a very small population with the sensation of white mainstream media to hype up a false notion of poor black people by the thousands getting (sighs) handouts. Do you care to acknowledge the corruption and insidious actions and legislation sponsored and pass by Republicans? Do you allude to Republicans when white boys try to blow up their schools or shoot up elementary kids for allowing guns to flow into the streets? Do you allude to Republican or Democrats when a white father put his crying baby in a refrigerator to stop the child from crying? Do you ever allude to the massive handouts whites of any class system get on a daily basis from Democrats and Republicans alike? Um, no. Lets try to stick to the topic at hand without breaching into talking points unless you are educated and intelligent enough to discuss the entire political spectrum of both parties as it relates to African Americans. I know the inherent black dysfunctional shit is fuuuuun to talk about, but it's old. Child bye.

    • Michael Preston You have a long way to go before you are intellectually capable of providing a response with clinging to stereotypes. Yes, the teaching of Christ is good and so is a good dose of political and social education so you can actually sound intelligent when you issue a response that isn't loaded with presumptions and bullshit. Remember, reading is fundamental. Don't be a child left behind.

    • Elizabeth Jones what part of my statement did you not understand? Government handouts in any form is unconstitutional at best and down right criminal at worst. What party heads Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans and on and on and on. Whoever doles out the handouts do nothing but cripple our people. When Nixon did it that was no different. When Bush II did it that was no different. I call out Republicans as well as Democrats. In case you did not notice, there is a Democrat in the WH. The focus is on Democrats. When Bush II was in office I came against him as often as I could see where he was doling out funds from the United States Treasury for benevolent purposes. You see when you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, but when you teach him how to fish you feed him for a lifetime. There was a sign on the lawn of a park that read, "Don't feed the squirrels because they will become dependent and wont be able to survive in the wild." The same thing applies to people. When say things like 'we are going to take care of you' without attaching responsibilities you create dependency. Now what I said I meant. These are the same people who got free phones. The free phones was a Bush II's giveaway. It was a Republican who started that mess. I don't care what party you are of, but what is important is what your principles are. You see the Democrats wanted to leave God out of their platform, and the Republican don't seem to realize that having Him in their platform is not the end all be all. You have to have Him in your heart. But at least they got Him close. My position is the government should not be in the food stamp business and the welfare business and the subsidy business and crony capitalism business and the healthcare business. These should be left to church and private enterprise. We can discuss whatever you want, because I believe e everyone has something to give. Bring it on.

    • Leon Jones, this has nothing to do with this story. But, since you brought it up, maybe people are on welfare because of the lack of jobs right now. What are they supposed to do? Let their kids starve? And BTW, Whites Have Always been the Majority on welfare.

    • Carol, who injected race? I didn't.

  2. What does free phones and being a democrat have to do with acting like idiots at an elementary school graduation? Democrats are not the only ones privied to the welfare system and this free phone benefit. The bottom line is the lack of education, home training, respect and plain ignorance.

    • To people with common sense and no propaganda agenda, free phones and democrats have nothing to do with the nonsense that happened at the graduation.

    • The "free phone" program was introduced under "BUSH", it was implemented under President Obama. Let's not get it "twisted".

    • Hahahaha. It seems some people already got it twisted. Gotta love those who get their jollies by lamenting about the black dysfunction and all that is wrong with blaaaaack people. People of every race, even our own, can go on and on with stereotypes, presumptions, talking points, and judgments without a hint of education to back them up. And it's all under the umbrella of "Christ." Sighs, whatever. Yeah, a God that approves you of placing all of your judgments and presumptions on a group of black people in a certain class system. He must be so proud right now.

    • Great reply Sonji SoHappybeingme Douglass! I'm with you 100% on this.

    • Uh uh. Reagan.

  3. I'm so tired of seeing these articles. Just plain ugly and uncouth.


  5. I see there's no shortage of confused 'brothers' on here. Poor kids can't even graduate kindergarten w/o ignorance. Thank you Randy for not being confused, maybe the others will eventually catch up.

    • Love your answer! Jewell Banks- Johnson

  6. Wayyyyyy off the subject!!!! SMH

  7. Leon what does that have to do with this situation? Smh

  8. This is why they are so quick to deem us dangerous,animalistic,ignorant beings. This makes no sense.

  9. NI&&AZ!

  10. that is ghetto.

  11. Pure ignorance

  12. Its a shame but because of parents like these, this will most likely be the last graduation these children experience. Smh

  13. As I have said, children are a blessing. It’s a high % of parents who are not.

  14. Sad just sad…..whoever…the children are watching……just STOP!

  15. Please tell me future doctors & lawyers will result from this…

  16. if you really want to go there democrat or republican has nothing to do with it. it sounds like it a black, white thing to me and if you really want to go by the numbers its more whites on welfare, getting food stamp and the free phones doing crime , killing and hurting kids serial killers then all the minorities period.

  17. I knew this was some black sh*t when I first heard about it. We are so out of control!

  18. Now that writers for Your Black World tell readers where an incident occurs, they should go further and include the state. Many cities, counties, and towns have the same names. There is a Union City in New Jersey. Imagine my surprise when I learned the other day that a tornado had hit Union City, Oklahoma. I presume that this “mild rioting” took place in Cleveland, OH.

  19. This is why our children act the way that they do, young mothers with no class showing their black ass, what kind of message does this send to those young children? That its ok to be Ghetto in public?

  20. In my mothers day no one missed church. In my day people who didn't want to go to church still sent their children because their grandparents instilled in them the importance of having God in your life. What we have now is a wilful disregard for anything Holy. Somewhere along the line we as a people have fallen away from God and the chuch which was the very backbone off the generations that came before us. The prayers of our parents and grandparents placed a hedge of protection around us and now it's gone. That chick being hancuffed is what passes for a mother now. Whoa unto the nation that forgets God 🙁

  21. The very reason folks don't care to be around us. We say it's racist, we're loud, we curse, we fight at the drop of a hat, we believe most everything we hear, we will cover the truth with propaganda. Obama phone!

  22. I read this message three time and have yet to find where the free phones and being a democrat came into play.

  23. This is a travesty

  24. That's some way out shit they need they ass locked up for that shit that's beyond ratchet.

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