Is Chief Keef Stupid or Crazy? ARRESTED for Driving 110 MPH

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Black people should really get annoyed with big corporations that promote guys like Chief Keef.  Kids are imitating this and this boy appears to be on a death wish.  He keeps getting arrested and it appears to be only a matter of time before he ends up dead or in prison. But maybe that’s for his mama to worry about.  

Chief Keef was arrested for the SECOND TIME IN 7 DAYS yesterday … when cops in Illinois say the 17-year-old rapper was doing 110mph … in a 55 zone.

Law enforcement says … cops spotted Keef’s 2011 BMW X6 M flying down Winnetka Road in Northfield, IL around 3:45 AM.

When cops pulled the car over … Keef was in the driver’s seat with 3 passengers — big problem, since Keef only has a permit which allows him to have ONE passenger.



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  1. I'm sick of his ass…. he is setting a bad example for these teens and young men! Is everyone to scared to step to him and put him in his place or what?? Do he realize this life ain't a game? Guess he just don't care about his life or his daughters obviously! !

  2. I'm a Hip-Hop fanatic true indeed but Chief Kief does not represent the hip-hop community in a good light at all…Music like his promotes recklessness…And parents really need to sensor what their kids listen to…Contrary to what anyone believes music can brainwash people to live out and portray the same recklessness as the artist raps about…To answer the question at the beginning of the article I believe he is arrogant and his youthful arrogance will be his downfall…

  3. A disaster waiting to happen… So i am gonna go ahead and say farewell stupid!!

  4. I don't see him living to long he think that shyt he doin is cute guess again his music might be good but he is one ugly MoFo

  5. he aint stupid or smart…they made him by not helpin out chicago and even detroit and turning the shit into a warzone now u see what they made and they;re scared good fuck you

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