Good Deeds: Tyler Perry donates $100,000 to Ohio schools

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It might just be a publicity move, but it’s a good one.  Tyler Perry has given a bunch of money to schools in Ohio that badly need it.  He is helping the schools to upgrade their commitment to athletics and the performing arts.  This move is good for his brand as well, since he can now sell more movie tickets to people outside his standard demographic.  After the challenges that Alex Cross had in theaters, it’s easy to say that Perry might have some work to do when it comes to spreading out his magic.

Filmmaker and actor Tyler Perry has surprised middle school students in Ohio by showing up at a musical concert and donating $100,000 to help student athletes in the city’s South-Western schools.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that Perry was drawn to Finland Middle School on Friday after seeing a TV report about teacher Mary Mulvany starting a foundation to raise scholarship money to cover fees.

South-Western schools earned national attention when athletics and extra-curricular activities were eliminated after a failed levy in 2009. The ballot request was later approved by voters, and sports, clubs and other activities were resurrected for a fee.

Perry says he wants to sponsor as many children as possible and wants part of the money to go toward Finland and some to the foundation.



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  1. GOOD JOB…. TYLER PERRY ! This action is the type of thing that most of our celebrities, pro-athletes, rich preachers, and rappers should be seeking to do…HELP THE COMMUNITY.

    Too many of them indulge in wearing “bling” and gold teeth, throw away tons of money on parties… going to Court because they stay in trouble, wearing foreign-made fancy clothes, and just engaging lavish ridiculosity…all while complaining about “how high the unemployment rate is…”– or complaining that …”Pres. Obama does not care about Black folks…” — or some other nauseating nonsense.


    * Suggested books = JOINING HANDS….and….
    GREEN GOLD….. *(amazon.com)

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