Georgia School Has First Integrated Prom: ‘We Are Living MLK’s Dream’

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Is Dr. King’s dream only about black and white people attending a prom together?  That’s the simple version.  But it might be a first step toward something better.  The governor or Georgia, Nathan Deal, isn’t willing to support the prom, but the kids are moving ahead anyway.  Good for them. 


Just a few months shy of the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech, the students at Wilcox County High School finally got to have their very first racially integrated prom.

Georgia Teens Raise Money to Hold High School’s First Integrated Prom Ever: ‘Yeah It’s Kind of Embarrassing’

Ironically, it was just after the high school in Wilcox County, Georgia, became integrated thirty… Read…

Organized by four students — two white, two black — who decided to end their community’s decades-old tradition of hosting two private “separate but equal” proms for black and white kids, the 1st annual Wilcox County Integrated Prom took place last Saturday night at the Cordele Community Clubhouse in neighboring Crisp County.

“I feel like we are living Martin Luther King’s dream,” said Alexis Miller, a Caucasian student whose boyfriend is African-American.

And just like the original Civil Rights Movement, it wasn’t easy for the integrated prom’s organizers to get their campaign for equality off the ground.




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  1. …in 2013? O_o

    • Yeah. Georgia schools are still segregated.

    • they cant be serious. get it together GEORGIA DAMNNN!

    • Man I said the same thing when i saw this on the news, and the other RACIST ASS students still had they own sweaty ass whites only prom. It probably smelled like a bunch of wet dogs in there. Sorry I'm still a little pissed.

  2. Only in AmeriKKKa…..

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