For the Second Year Straight, Mayweather is the Richest Among all Athletes by a Long Shot

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Boxing is big money for the men on top of the game who don’t mind risking a little bit of brain damage.   Floyd Mayweather is the highest-paid athlete in the world this year for the second year in a row.  He dominated the competition, with LeBron James coming in second at $56.5 million.   Mayweather hauled in $90 million himself, which is big money and among the highest of all-time for either athletes or entertainers. 

The estimates — which combine salary, winnings, and endorsements — have Drew Brees, Kobe Bryant, and Tiger Woods rounding out the top five.

The magazine projects the top 50 earners, and baseball players are the most-represented group, with 25 players making the list. Next is basketball players (13) and football players (eight).

No females are on the list for the fifth straight year.



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