Father and Son Both Graduate From Morehouse College Together

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Typically teenagers feel that their parents or the most embarrassing people ever and can’t wait to go off and explore the college life and become their own person. So, how what you feel if your father came to you to inform you that he would be joining you at college? You would think it is definitely a joke, right?!

Well this was no joke for Dorian Joyner Jr. when his dad announced those exact words to him. Joyner admitted that he only thought his dad meant he would be coming for a visit, but in actuality, his father meant that he would soon be joining his son as a student at the elite Atlanta school.

The younger Joyner and his father, Dorian Joyner Sr., will both be walking across the stage as Morehouse College graduates this Sunday after spending three years together on campus. They will even have the pleasure of hearing President Barack Obama speak at the ceremony.

Papa Joyner first attended the school from 1984 through 1988, he made the decision to drop out early to build his career, according to a profile on the Morehouse website. Years later, after his oldest son had began attending Morehouse, he decided that it was the right time to re-enroll and complete his degree.

Joyner Sr.’s son said he was initially shocked by his dad’s decision, but in due time he liked having him around on campus.

“We used to have a support system. Sometimes he would come to my room to ask about a problem or a class or a professor to take,” the younger Joyner explained.

In fact, the younger Joyner, an English major, said being on campus with his father, a religion major who plans to attend law school, was actually “natural.”

“We rarely see each other, because we have class and we have our own lifestyles. He have a job; I have a job; he have a social life, and I have a social life,” he said in a Morehouse video. “But when we’re on campus, we see each other as students and also as father and son.”

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  1. Excellent! story. Happy for both Father and son. Just a great! story.

  2. That is double awesome! Now, on to law school, Dad!

  3. Was this a typo or from the English major? It should be he “has” a job. He “has” a social life.

  4. Great story ,but you need to proof read your articles before you publish them.
    'or the most embarrassing people' 'so,how what you feel' ?
    English please !

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