Dallas Woman Is Killed While Police Stop For Water Before Responding To Her Call

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There have been many crime cases that have involved ridiculous actions on the police’s behalf. This unfortunately resulted in the death of a Dallas woman. This particular incident might just force Dallas police officers to come up with a new approach to handling domestic violence.

Deanna Cook reportedly placed a frantic call to 911 last August 17th. Her vicious attacker turned out to be her ex-husband. The man could be heard in the background saying “I’m gonna kill you.” Even though there was an apparent threat to the woman’s life, 9 minutes into the call, despite Deanna’s shrieks, no police officer had come. It actually took nearly a whole hour for Dallas police to arrive at the victim’s home. So where were the police officers? They had reportedly stopped for water at a local 7-Eleven store on their way to responding to the victim’s house.

Cook’s family is now taking legal action against the city of Dallas and its police department. They believe that the city treats 911 calls from predominantly black neighborhoods differently than calls from affluent or predominantly white neighborhoods. The Cook family accredit their beloved’s death to what they call a lack of police urgency in cases of domestic violence. The Dallas mayor has denied the family’s allegations, but there’s no sugar coating the tragedy of the family’s loss.

So this family is now left to morn the death of a woman who could have easily been saved, but her life was narrowed down to some casual time exhausting drinks of water. There has long been a trend of the police force responding and handling cases differently when it comes to predominantly white versus black neighborhoods. In some urban areas police with not respond to a “certain” zip code all together. It is good that this particular Dallas family is choosing to not remain quiet and fight for justice.

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  1. In Jesus name may the never go where there thirst can never be quench!

  2. In Jesus name may the never HAVE TO… go where their thirst can never be quenched!

  3. In Jesus name may they never HAVE TO… go where their thirst can never be quenched!

  4. Man if that was my mom or relative, I prob would have caught a case….sad!

  5. SAD!!!!

  6. As a mature woman, and the youngest child of my family, I have witnessed and been through alot of situations. You would think that those before me, and my babyboomer generation, who have struggled through so much just to be treated human wouldn't have to hear about these things still happening. As a woman and as a race of people; "We must not put the Blood Stained Banner down." We can never get relaxed and think that our civil rights are in tack." With each generation before and after me, there will always be a civil fight. History has shown us this fact. Our lives are a continued struggle! I'm a witness to the fact that unfortunately things are not getting better. We are falling backward and society has a way of keeping us at a hardship, hopeless and without. "BUT WE ARE STILL HERE."

  7. God isn't sleeping His people will be avenged.

    • Are there some people that aren't "god's People"? I thought God created the whole universe including, obviously, all people.

    • We were all created in the image and likeness of God, or so God (or those who wrote this part of the bible) said. However to be one of "God's people" I believe to be an individual choice, we choose to bring spirit into our lives, free will – one of gods gifts. So, the point being, that in god's mysterious and effective means, justice will be delivered to the righteous, and those who have sinned will be brought to justice in the house of the lord. Of course Daniel you knew that, your line of BS was meant to be inflammatory and to distract from the tragedy being discussed. You probably do not see yourself as part of the problem, I think it fair to say that a biblical god might. Take a moment Daniel and consider what Deanna Cook's last moments were like, to have asked for help and to be denied (which she did not know) because her situation and her life had been profiled.

    • Not sure how Daniel Saying we are are God's people god characterized as a "line of BS", did I miss something?

    • Read your bible and get an understanding before making condescending remarks ..

    • Mitch you took that whole thing out of context….I actually had that exact question at 1 time . While you are in fact right about what you say for most of your paragraph, the fact that you assumed what he was asking was a line of bs and you also assumed that he asked it in a way that you didn't see fit just goes to show why god says read precept upon precept and do not judge a book by its cover…. Maybe it was a line of BS and maybe it wasn't….how are we to know based on just those 2 questions?. we must have more facts before concluding 1 way or the other….Please do not assume again. I assume that because you thought what he was saying was defamation somehow, that you yourself feel the need to be a correction Nazi. Whi9le I could give a fuck less what you think of me….get facts before you start assuming shit like that again…. Hell with a comment like that I could assume you were part of that Nazi westboro baptist church group.

  8. Remember Public Enemy's "911 is a Joke?"

  9. Sad!

  10. So Sad

  11. I've tried to formulate a comment 3 times… this is just too ridiculous for words….smdh. #OUTRAGED

  12. G-d did not create all ppl…the book of genesis plainly states that the seed of the serpent will forever have enmity with the descendants of Eve…
    Who is who???
    You know a tree by its fruit…check his-story and you will surely know the truth

  13. This is exactly what this family should do!!!!!! I would urge the family to also discuss a civil rights violation, as in a hate crime,seeing as that Dallas PD refused to respond in a timely fashion, for NO other reason than the victim was Black…..#TheyGoneHavePlentyOfTimeToDrinkWater

  14. I've said it once and I will say it again! The de-valuing a Black Life! I know of a person whop took his pension early and ultimately lost it all to the IRS and the gov't in an effort to fund a company he was working with…when the money didnt arrive in a timely manner he was thrown under the bus and left with nothing! Now he and his wife have nothing to retire on, and this was done w/o impunity because what value could the life of him and his wife hold!!

  15. Cook’s family is now taking legal action against the city of Dallas and its police department. They believe that the city treats 911 calls from predominantly black neighborhoods differently than calls from affluent or predominantly white neighborhoods….DUUUH Ya think?!

  16. Star Mott Yes you did, even more so if it needs to be explained to you.

  17. Black women ARM YOURSELVES!!!! Had she had a firearm, she could have KILLED THE BASTARD! When I left my husband, I went to the GUN RANGE! Brushed up on my skills and told him that if he even thinks about fucking with me he won't be around to brag about it! BLACK WOMEN ARE UNPROTECTED! We must protect ourselves! I keep weapons on me!

  18. Mitch Miller The whole universe exists within God's spirit. It is not a matter of choosing to bring spirit into our lives, it is a matter of recognizing what is already here.

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