Cee Lo Green Has a New Reality Show

It looks like TBS is continuing its quest to sign as many odd and funny black people as they can find.  Their latest catch is Cee Lo Green, who went from doing hardcore rap with Goodie Mob to doing a form of music that most of his former fans can’t even recognize.  But he’s doing it well and people love him, so a new reality show makes a lot of sense.  Good luck with that one. 

Cee Lo Green is set to star in his own reality series on TBS.

The singer and former coach on NBC’s “The Voice” will headline his own unscripted show called “The Cee Lo Life,” scheduled to air next year.

The six-episode series will feature Green balancing his recording and producing commitments, all while planning a comeback with his former hip-hop group Goodie Mob.


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  1. Dominique Calloway at 1:17 pm

    Could you be a little MORE condescending with your remarks. To regard CeeLo Greene as "Odd and funny " Perhaps you, the writer should look in the mirror, you just may see "odd and funny".

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