Beyonce Purchases Cher’s Malibu Mansion for $45 Million


Beyonce has plenty of money and we know it.  She and her husband Jay-Z are set to be billionaires soon, making them the first billionaire entertainment couple in history.  So, while she’s out on the road working hard, Beyonce wants a mansion to come home to.  So, what’s a nice check of $45 million gonna do to her bank account?  Nothing.  Read on: 

Beyonce has purchased a Malibu beach estate that once belonged to Cher.

The Italian Renaissance style home home has seven bedrooms, nine baths, a gym, theater, tennis court and a pool, and comes furnished with stone walls and a stamped-copper dining-room ceiling.  There’s also an adjoining guest house.

The “Upgrade U” singer purchased bought the 13,126-square-foot mansion with a gorgeous view of the beach  for a reported $45 million.

Read more and view a photo gallery here.


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  1. James Alexander at 4:44 pm

    Certainly not saying she will ever go broke but this is exactly the reason why I have no sympathy for those entertainers and athletes who do. People are certainly free to do with their money whatever they like but spending $45 million on a house by anyone is extreme overkill. It's so sad that all this money is spent on 1 house when some of it could have completely restored an entire improvised neighborhood, and with Black unemployment at 14% plus,, it could have gone a long way in putting some people to work.

  2. ericaf at 4:01 pm

    That is why I don’t spend my hard earned money to buy records or pay to go to games, what I can’t see on TV for free, I don’t need, making these people rich so they can squander their money and not give back to the communities, not on my dime….

  3. Jeffrey Perot at 3:38 am

    Randolph Zuhri Aza Oh please. If you want it, go work for it. Or ask one of the thousands of white, anonymous billionaires to send the black community some ends. They won't and Beyonce doesn't have to. Get your own.

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