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May 2, 2013

Asa Lovechild Says It’s Time To Wake Up ‘My Divorce From Hip Hop Is Final’

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by Asa Lovechild Words cannot express my sadness over the loss of Chris Kelly of the 90s group Kriss Kross. The group shaped a generation and had everyone dancing to a different rhythm and going to school with the backwards trend. Upon meeting Kelly, years ago I would have never thought that it would come to this.  As an artist, it always concerns me and cuts to the core when…

Man Calls 911 80 Times Asking For Kool-Aid, Burgers and Weed Delivery

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A Florida man who called 911 80 times asking that weed, kool-aid, and burgers  be delivered to his home wasn’t given any food or drugs, but he was given a free trip to jail, according to authorities. Jarvis Sutton, 34, has been charged with misusing the 911 system after harassing 911 dispatchers for drugs, food, and sugary drink. Police say Sutton admitted making the 911 calls. “The defendant admitted to…

Tyler the Creator reached out to Dr. Boyce Watkins after PepsiCo pulled the plug on his commercial.

Rapper Tyler the Creator Reaches Out to Mountain Dew Commercial Critic Via Twitter

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Following PepsiCo’s decision to pull the plug on his absurd Mountain Dew commercial after reputable scholar Dr. Boyce Watkins dubbed it to be ‘the most racist commercial in history,’ rapper Tyler the Creator of Odd Future took to his Twitter page to contact Dr. Watkins and let him know he’d like to talk to him. “I Would Love To Have A Convo With @drboycewatkins1” reads Tyler the Creator’s Twitter message….