Racist Tweeters Attack Jamie Foxx For Wearing Trayvon Shirt

Jamie Foxx attended the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night to accept the 2013 Generation Award. He did so while wearing a shirt that had the phrase “kNOw Justice” with photos of Trayvon Martin and the Newtown kids.

Well why da hell did he do that…he pissed off the racists in a major way and they took to Twitter with a vengeance.


There’s more…

Yeh…the madness continues…

It gets worse…


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  1. Brianne Prettybrowncaramel Johnson at 1:05 am

    Salute Jamie, every time I see you in a Trayvon shirt I love you even more R.I.P.Sir Trayvon

  2. Theodore White at 1:09 am

    They can all spew the "n" word in their racist tweets, but won't dare say it to your face. Cowards…. all of them. Bring that S__ to my face and I will mos def keep it real with you.

    • Theodore White at 5:00 am

      What the Oscar winning actor Jamie Foxx recently went through proves that racism is alive and well in the United States – yes, even with a black president.

      Many (not all) Caucasians in America have a problem, not with people of color, but with themselves. This, in 2013, the 21st century. When I was a kid, I used to ask why white people would darken their skin by tanning their bodies in the Sun and yet call people of color 'niggers' and 'spics' and behave racist and superior.

      I discovered, from another white person, who told me that many white people are simply not comfortable in their own skins, hence, the projection of their hate and rudeness onto people of color.

      That is called racism and there are many forms of it still in operation today. I recently debated several people who obviously think that it's okay to be rude in ways that Caucasians falsely believe is okay, but it's not.

      To me, it is clearly a mental health issue that needs to be addressed and treated so that when someone uses the word 'nigger' that they discover that it means an ignorant person.

      If a person ever comes to me with that word, well, what they will receive is a quick and very efficient boxing lesson and that person will become 'ignorant' very fast.

      You see, it takes the human brain exactly 2.5 minutes to reboot itself after a person has been knocked out with a single blow. I'm from Philadelphia and my father, a police officer, also coached and managed professional boxers at the late Joe Frazier's Boxing Gym. It was there that I learned to develop a great right and left hook.

      What Jamie Foxx experienced is proof positive that many Caucasians still have their issues, but it will only get worse until a mental, emotional and spiritual change is more toward the positive.

      Human beings comes in all shapes, sizes, two genders, and cultures and until many Caucasians learn to respect the special differences then people like Jamie Foxx and the late Trayvon will be seen as examples of why many people of color will not want to closely associate with Caucasians. Just keeping it real.

  3. Nakia Elliott at 1:27 am

    LMAOOOOO at the ignorance here…. FAR more blacks have been killed by whites than whites will ever be killed by blacks! Seems like some folk have their heads permanently stuck where the sun don't shine!

    • Jo Ann Lewis at 1:41 am

      Now that's the truth. Made me think of the kid that recently died at school supposedly by falling into some rolled up mats and no one knows how his face got beat completely in. Made me go back and read the Emmitt Till story again. SMH!

  4. Tameeka Rogers at 1:28 am

    Racial comments seem to always surface on Twitter! It is so sad that RACE is always a BIG ISSUE now but all in the wrong ways and nothing has been done about it and look like nothing is going to be done…..Is this still a free country? Obviously Not! R.I.P. Trayvon Martin

  5. Dasha McCormick at 1:33 am

    these comments are the reason why Jamie wore the shirt in the first place! and shows how scared these people are of color…especially since being a "thug" means unarmed black teen male with hoodie and snacks walking street…

  6. Shanterrin Brown at 1:37 am


  7. Valerie Anne Hart-Craig at 1:38 am

    I have nothing but RESPECT for Jamie for reminding the MTV generation that the families of the INNOCENT slain have still not gotten their justice due…and as for these prejudiced people (because I doubt seriously that they have the means to be racist) who are bold on the internet but are spineless jokes in real life? We shouldn't acknowledge them, because my guess is that they are non-voting, unlearned people who add NOTHING to our society. Trayvon was murdered, point blank, and we should keep his case (& all the others) in the forefront till the murderers are put in prison where they belong.

  8. Courtney Cazalas at 1:48 am

    This sickens me to the core of my soul. Why cant we all be seen as humans and not as niggers and white people. We are PEOPLE. We all breathe the same and bleed the same. For all these white people who feel otherwise….. may you burn in hell with souls of a thousand "niggers" you pieces of shit! You make me embarrassed to be white!

  9. Tera at 10:01 pm

    Idiots there was more than 1 picture on that shirt.. How sadd that all they see is color and not that he is remembering ALL the lost children.. Jamie we love you and LOVE the support you show for those lost..

  10. Not a hater at 10:38 pm

    All I can say is Wow……Keeping speaking and showing what is right Mr. Fox. Ignorance and stupidity is always blind to what is right and human in this world. They call us the N word and yes we’re Negros. However the large majority of us are neither stupid or ignorant. When you reference the N word spew such garbage behind it. Know that it’s a full and true description of who you are, and not who we are as a race
    [C18: from C16 dialect neeger,  from French nègre,  from Spanish Negro

  11. Sunnytown USA at 1:55 am

    If you
    racist people have nothing good to say, then keep your mouth closed its embarrassing to know those words came form what is suppose to be a human.

  12. Jessica Lee Mullen at 3:39 pm

    How dare any one show support for the injustice that has been served? If he was wearing a shirt with a big ol picture of a white kid people would be saying he hates his own race? Shut your mouths… Intolerance like this is just making this country even worse…

  13. richard at 7:14 pm

    white people don’t care to understand. how many black people were lynched by white people for no reason other than they were black and it wasn’t a big deal. there was probably more blacks killed during slavery than any white man killed by blacks since.

  14. Insomemaze at 9:16 am

    We all need to watch the Video, The BlackMan(State of Emergency) to get some insight on this whole thing. We need an “Agenda” Folks !

  15. Theodore Du'Ane at 6:44 pm

    ..interesting how you stated 1000 souls ni&&ers in hell, if you meant what you said actually to make a actrual point to racist whites, you should have said souls of OTHER white racists who hate African americans/blacks.. becuz you are implying only the souls of ni&&ers are in hell..

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