Porsha Wants Alimony And Kordell Wants Her Back

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Ok, so this story just keeps getting more and more messed up! Porsha is finally stepping up and fighting back against her estranged husband Kordell Stewart. Porsha has released an official response to Kordell’s filing of divorce papers. She claims to have given her life up to take care of Kordell’s son (from another woman) and it is now time for him to pay up.

As recently reported, former NFL star Kordell Stewart slapped divorce papers in Porsha’s face with no warning signs. Porsha found out about her failed marriage on the Internet through the media!

Kordell has already stated that he does no feel like Porsha deserves a single penny of his money. He also stated that the “Real Housewife of Atlanta” star is capable of earning her own income and he will not be granting her any spousal support.

Despite what Kordell feels like she deserves, according to recent legal documents filed by Porsha’s attorney Randall Kessler, her marriage has limited her professionally. Porsha claims she had to quit her job for two years and even sold her business just to be able to care for her estranged husband’s son, and because of those sacrifices she has earn her fair share of Kordell’s money.

In the legal divorce papers, Porsha does not bring up the fact that she is currently starring on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Also, she is not only requesting alimony from Kordell, but she is also wants exclusive use of their Atlanta home.

Shockingly, now there are rumors stirring that the two are on their way to reconciliation. It was reported an insider told the media that Porsha and Kordell have been undergoing EXTENSIVE counseling from their pastor, both SEPARATELY and TOGETHER. And were told that the couple has decided tentatively to give their marriage a second chance. Expect an announcement soon.

Sommer Payne

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  1. bitch get a job.

  2. This is one of the most poorly written articles I have ever read. Where are the editors? An error or two is forgivable but this article is so unprofessional that it doesn't warrant national exposure. Surely there is better talent out there, even free talent would write better than this. People, please, stop embarrassing us with such sloppy work. There are plenty of tools out there to help you. For Christ's sake, take advantage!

    • Wow!! That was really bad. I wish I had a red pen to write see me after class. So many fail to realize the importance of learning how to write and speak properly. It's too bad or should I say to bad (lol). Now I am in accordance with the article.

  3. I agree with Diann. This was the worst written article I have ever read as well. I we don't take ourselves seriously and professionally, how do we expect the mainstream media to take us seriously.

  4. Sommer Payne you need some journalistic help.

  5. I feel any type of counseling is fair when it comes to Marraige, you did marry for better or worse, so if it gets them on the right track of saving their Marraige I wish them the best and hope it works out, because I think they make a nice couple. A lil advice to Porsha I would definitely CYA dealing with life from now on.

  6. Kordell seems like a control freak from the TV show? On TV they can make anybody look Bad! Get it together Man & meet Her Halfway!

  7. Does anyone do a spell and grammar check? So many mistakes.

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  8. I was not sure if this was an article, or a 5th grade rough draft…

  9. Wow

  10. Quit while your ahead! She is another STANK Georgia Ho!

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