News Anchor Fired on His First Day for Saying F*cking Sh*t on the Air

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Here’s a news flash to anyone thinking about going into media:   Don’t cuss on the air.  AJ Clemente got his first job with an NBC affiliate in a small town in North Dakota, and this may be his last job for a while.  Clemente was fired for cussing on the air, using the words “f*cking sh*t” twice during the same broadcast.

His firing was probably the fastest in the history of the network, and might be the fastest in the history of all media.   He was dumped that day, and we don’t expect that the station ever wants to see him again.

Assuming that can’t be this stupid, he must have had a gripe with the network and decided that he would just throw his chips on the table and give away his position.  Maybe he thought that this little stunt might drive him to fame and fortune on a national level, getting him out of the tiny town he’s living in right now. But then again, maybe he’s just crazy or on drugs, no one seems to know.

The magical cuss words were uttered under his breath as Van Tieu, his co-host introduced him.  Tieu was shocked, but as a professional, he played it off pretty well.  The funny thing is that AJ said it twice!  Our final verdict?  It appears that he didn’t know he was on the air.  Bad one for AJ.  Here’s the transcript, after the little mix-up.  There’s video at the bottom:

Tieu: A.J, tell us a little about yourself.

Clamente: Umm. Thanks Van. I’m really excited. I graduated from West Virginia University and I’m used to, umm, you know, being from the east coast.”

Tieu: OK. Well, welcome aboard A.J.

Here’s the video if you want to see it.


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