New York Police Allegedly Pepper Spray a Five-Month Old Baby and Entire Family

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The New York Police Department has caught a great deal of heat lately for hurting its citizens, especially minorities.  This incident, however, might take the cake.

Police are accused of pepper spraying a woman along with her entire family, including a five month old, a four-year old and a two year old baby.  The woman was being accused of trying to get onto a subway without paying, according to a lawsuit.

Marilyn Taylor claims that she was getting onto the subway with her children and their father.  When she took the stroller through the service entrance, police accused her of trying not to pay the fare.   She says that when she stopped her, they were incredibly aggressive.

The woman says that she knelt down to comfort her older child when the officer pepper sprayed the entire family.   The children screamed and the two-year old started to vomit.   The woman says she was then handcuffed.  She also says that she and all of her children suffered serious eye injuries and emotional distress.

This incident will do nothing to reduce tension between the black community and the NYPD.  A recent shooting of 16-year old Kimani Gray, which led to riots and allegations of police corruption.