Michael Jordan’s Alleged Baby Mama Re-Files Paternity Suit

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Michael Jordan’s alleged baby mama Pamela Smith is vowing to re-file her paternity suit against His Airness, despite calling off the dogs last month.

Pamela claimed Michael fathered 16-year-old son Grant Reynolds, a.k.a. Taj Jordan, who urged her to make the legal claim against the NBA legend.

Smith, seen below, dropped the lawsuit without explanation and Jordan immediately lashed out, asking the judge to nail her with his attorneys’ fees as well as sanctions. Now Pamela Smith says she withdrew the suit because of a technical legal problem with the documents and not because she’s admitting defeat.

In fact, she plans on re-filing the case ASAP. As for the “technical legal problem,” it’s pretty good … she forgot to remove her ex-husband from the birth certificate which lists him as Grant’s father.




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  1. Smh, I would never put my child through this type of mess……The child is almost grown, so why

    • why not one should have the right to know who you are and where you came from its called heritage

    • That is true, but why wait until the child is grown, or better yet why allow that child to think that the man that lived in the house with him,for all those years was his father. I think it is a mess. She has raised him this long by herself, or with her husband, so why screw up this childs life, to clear your heart…….It is wrong on so many levels, I went through this as a child, and it really hurts even until this day, with both of my parents deceased, I was 9 when I met my Mother, and 19 when I met my Father! SMH, it's wrong and I would have never subjected my child to this mess!

  2. The child ask for this

  3. If he his father then that would be a lot that you would be letting him lose out on especially since it would be rightfully his. I don't blame her why should he not get what is his. As long as it was what he wanted then get yours then baby boy!

  4. If its proved MJ is not the father she should be sued.If he is the father he should pay the child support, not tramp support.

  5. that young man is entitled to be supported by his father period.it does not matter if his father is MICHAEL JORDAN or MICHAEL SMITH.She has cared for that child’s need for all his young life.If this child is not MJ’s,then MJ should file suit for this through the court.

  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Regards|

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