Grandmother Hires Grandson To Murder Her Husband

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When your own grandmother tells you go out and kill your grandfather, you pretty much know that the family structure is having some serious problems.  In Chicago, a place where all kinds of crazy things seem to be going down nearly every day, a grandmother tried to have her husband killed by his own grandson.  Of course they were caught and now they both look kind of silly. 

Remember that crazy teen we toldya about who killed his grandfather to buy some shoes and a damn cellphone…well now we know the full story…and granny was behind the whole thing!

A Chicago grandmother has been arrested and charged with commissioning her grandson to kill his grandfather and namessake because she was “sick” of him, according to police.

Janet Strickland, 64, was charged with one count each of first-degree murder and armed robbery with a firearm after her 72-year-old husband, William Strickland, was gunned down in front of their home by his 19-year-old grandson, also named William Strickland, as the older man waited for a ride to an early morning dialysis appointment on Saturday, March 2.



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  1. Stupid woman

  2. Sign of the times! No natural affection!

  3. I understand the mentality behind it, I truly, truly do. It ain't all peaches and cream in everybody's family. He could'a been a horrible grandfather just mentally oppressive as he! and physically and mentally draining til she felt she had nothing left, no energy to battle and deal with his bull@##! everyday and the grandson probably was raised by him partially and was sick of his sh@! too. However, when those feelings and emotions hit you like a rushing river, you gotta just get outta there, leave them to rot by themselves and save yourself, get a bus ticket, plane ticket, new apartment, whatever, just get the he! outta there, cause killing somebody ain't worth throwing your life away for. Not at all. Now they'll be with strangers, inmates who don't give two fu@!'s about'em and they're mental anguish will be amplified. Sometimes the problems you have are better than the new one's you sign up for. Find an outlet and learn breathing exercises, cause in the pen, you can't breathe by yourself!

  4. WOW….she is the ADULT ROLE MODEL from HELL!

    • Ok you are not wearing those shoes.I would never tell anyone to kill anyone if i felt it needed to be done i would pay the price myself Do the crime do the time .But i know for a fact that yuou can be pushed that far.I have been mentally and physically abused and all who have done have been called home wherever that may be and i'm still kicking.The price has been paid and God did it.

  5. Lord have mercy

  6. The grandfather was already on dialysis and frim the looks of things the granny has breathing problems. The dumb grandson could have just waited and collected the insurance money(sounds terrible huh?) But seriously…life seems to hold no value anymore. Not even to the elderly. This is a perfect example of old and young being on the same stupid page.* Noguidancenoloveoffellowman

  7. Damn his Granny made him doit kill her own husband wtf

  8. Damn his Granny made him doit kill her own husband wtf

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