Georgia City Now Requires Everyone to Own A Gun

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Just when you wonder if the world has truly gone crazy, you read about things like this.

The Nelson, Georgia, City Council unanimously passed a measure requiring every household to have a gun and ammunition.

Council members approved the Family Protection Ordinance — which requires every head of household to “to maintain a firearm, together with ammunition” — in a 5-0 vote on Monday night.

However, residents of the small city 50 miles north of Atlanta, can opt out of the measure if they object to gun ownership. In addition, the ordinance also exempts convicted felons and those who suffer from certain physical or mental disabilities. There’s no penalty for those who don’t comply with the law.

Councilman Duane Cronic, who sponsored the measure, said he knows the ordinance won’t be enforced but he still believes it will make the town safer.



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  1. I don't see what's crazy. With budget cuts, massive police lay-offs and understaffed city protective agencies, many cities and even states are now turning to the public to protect themselves. One sheriff put out a PSA that the citizens need to understand that with a 20,000 deputy lay-off, the police cannot respond to 911 quickly and that they need to arm themselves.

    But I get it, you needed to fill space.

  2. Really interesting info !Perfect just what I was looking for!

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