Fantasia Loses Her House to the Bank

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It’s long been said in the music industry that with “mo money” there are “mo problems.”  Fantasia’s life is a living testament to this undeniable truth.  TMZ is reporting that the singer’s home was in foreclosure proceedings, leading her to make plans to sell the house.  She tried selling, but couldn’t get the market value that she’d paid for the home.

Originally, Fantasia tried selling the house for $800,000, which is half a million less than what she paid for it, but there were no biters on the deal.  Finally, in a hint of desperation, Fantasia just gave the house back to the bank, meaning that she will probably get nothing back from her investment.

Fantasia has long been in the news for a variety of reasons, much of it having nothing to do with her amazing singing ability.  Just two months ago, she was in the news after getting into a feud with Jet Magazine Editor Mitzi Miller, who joked that Fantasia was illiterate.  Before that, a long string of odd personal and financial decisions seem to have put Fantasia’s life into the dog house.  We hope she can learn and grow from her mistakes to one day have the life she thought she’d have once she became famous.  But it all comes down to making better choices.


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  1. Her FAMILY MEMBERS need to stop living off of her assets and get F ing JOBS!!

  2. Feel very sorry for this young lady, she has been though a lot so it can only be uphill from this. I agree with Shawn Cooper in the end you have to think about you and your babies!

    • THIS IS OLD!!!!

  3. That's why when u get a little money you can't take care of everybody.

  4. Why are you using a two year old story and reporting with the current year? This story was back in 2011, and she didn't lose her home. She is still living in it. So much for journalism these days. Just pick up anything without checking your sources.

    • Don't you know by now that the folks that run this site will use anything they can to attack BLACK Folks and put them Down

  5. This story is so old misrepresenting. It's a known fact that Simon Cowell gave her the money to save her home and she is still in it. It's a damn shame that y'all have to publish these blatant LIES. Get a life

    • I hadn't heard that about Simon Cowell. I've been seeing quite a bit of Fantasia on TV recently so I hope her career will pick up and if that was a loan that she'll be able to pay him back.

  6. Omg she has bad advisors! It was better to sell at a loss and get some of her money back. Now she will not get anything back from her investment. People this angers me and we must become EDUCATED about EVERYTHING in our lives that involves money.

  7. She needs to focus on her career instead of spending time on these good for nothing men who bring her grief! She needs to woman up and do better!

    • u would have thought she would have learned that with her first baby daddy that dogged her before she even got famous. Remember her movie on lifetime?


  8. Anyone coming from meager mean try to help family, but there is a limit so that they do not drain YOUR financial resources. Following this loss she needs to CLEAN HOUSE, which means from her mother on down. If the leaches are not handicapped or dying the needs to shut down and take care of own family.

    This young lady should downsize and hire a ‘real financial adviser’ (having the adviser investigated). I truly wish her well and continued success; even more, praying for her building her own self-esteem.

  9. Good luck Fantasia.

  10. Just as well. Sometimes things that are hindrances need to be torn away in order to have peace restored. Like the title of her current song reads – Sometimes you’ve got to “lose to win”.

  11. Adore fantasia for & I do her strength her gift and loveable person she is! I will keep you in my prayers my sister! Everything & in I do mean everything happen for a reason! God bless…

  12. Not surprised. Times are freaking difficult for lots of us.

    I just hope she downsize on giving to others and enjoy what she is blessed with a little more.

    I hope her brother ‘the so-called producer’ is earning a living now.

    That was a major mistake to pay for his underwear.

  13. Her fam need to stop living off of her all of them need to get a job.

  14. Leave Fantasia alone ! It was IGNORANT for Mitzi to make the statements that she made. Her comments were real bi—-t—ch s-h–t ! Just about everybody got hurt in the financial downsizing, thanks to Wall street. One thing for sure…girlfriend can really sing…stays true to her southern roots, and is not deserving of all the crap thrown at her.

  15. With the money she made, there should not have been a problem with her finances during these hard times, as there was for the normal everyday working family. The first thing new comers to the music industry need to learn, if you bring your family to live with you, give each 1 six months to find a job, if not send their butts back home. If your mom is sick or handicapped, you can keep her and help her but the rest needs to go if they are not working. Another thing, educate yourself about finances and no one writes a check but you. Paying your taxes is a must because Uncle Sam is going to get his or you go to the “Big House.”

  16. I absolutely love this young lady. If I could buy her home, I would and just give it to her. She deserves a break. How much more should she endure? Anyway, I am certain that it will all work out.


  18. She is coming back strong with her singing she is doing good you go young Lady!

  19. Old story. Instead of being informative and up lifting this blog is worse than TMZ. Atleast they are current. And rlthese blotters are getting paid..

  20. A black man was not the reason for Fantasia loosing her house.
    Not being able to read and write caused that problem.

  21. When you rumble through a trash can, what do you get?, GARBAGE……SOS when you read certain media…..Black Blue Dog, The Incredible Faux No News, The Glenn Beck Sideshow, Humpdy Dumptdy Limburger etc….omg and tmz….black like moi….

  22. Have anyone notice when you hit them with facts they never reply…..Just like little kids…when you catch them in a lie they get quiet….

  23. Im sending Fantasia LOVE IN LIGHT. She needs uplifting. I pray that she will take business courses. She received her GED Maybe she’ll help Beyonce get hers

  24. get a life tmz paracites u have no show but to anoy people an report the worst things u can find about people u are all crabs exspecily u harvy u piece of shit lier i mean lawyer

  25. […] Read the full story at BlackLikeMoi […]

  26. Ummm… Simon Cowell PAID off this house. Why lie?

  27. […] Read the full story at BlackLikeMoi […]

  28. Some people slay me speaking about fantasia!, this story is old . To the person that said ” FANTASIA NEEDS TO TAKE FINANCE CLASSES ” That need’s to be most of the united states because many people have lost their homes!,furthermore the ones that are talking probably never had an home to loose!

  29. She better stop taking care of her leaching family members.. Sad to hear!

  30. Money is runing her Life it seems…

  31. The haters are out today! Sing on TASIA!

  32. I am just sorry that she is ill-prepared to deal with the vultures and predators that she comes into contact with…. Such a phenomenal, can't one of you help her? Are all of you close, or associated with her just barbarians?

  33. People been loosing and buys houses now since like 2004 2005 its started.and alot of people still are some type of way. Its even people with no investment not a coin just coming on in abandon.homes.or unoccupied homes and take quick claim then end up loosing them also. I just hope its not the one she is using on reality television. And I hope she gets it together. I do not know if her family is using her or not but she should handle herself first. I hope she not just giving money away instead of handling her affairs properly. I wouldnt live off her but by time I get to her nothing is left. No house no money.

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