Derrick Rose Sued By Fan Who Claims NBA Star’s Injury Caused His Depression and Weight Gain

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Chicago Bulls fans have no doubt been missing their star player Derrick Rose do his thing on the court, as the NBA star has been recovering from a serious ACL injury since the 2012 playoffs. But one fan in particular has taken Rose’s injury and him missing the entire 2012 – 2013 NBA season (it isn’t known whether or not he will miss this year’s playoffs too) so seriously that he’s decided to sue the Bulls point guard.

HipHop365 reports that a 25-year-old Peoria, Ill. man named Matthew Thompson, who is a longtime Bulls fan, filed a lawsuit against Derrick Rose last Thursday, claiming that Rose’s lingering injury and extended absence from the team has led to Thompson having several mental breakdowns and suffering from emotional distress, which ultimately led to his current “obesity issues.”



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  1. This is just rediculous. Are people this money hungry that they are bringing up frivolous lawsuits because they can't push away from the table and take the game waaaaay too seriously.

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