Crazed Fans Attack And Pull Beyonce’s Hair During Concert

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Beyoncé fans in Belgrade wanted more than a photo or ticket stub to take home from their concert experience! Some crazy azz fans grabbed and pulled at the singer’s hair as she walked through the packed crowd last week.

A cellphone video was posted showing Bey making her way to the stage at the very first show of her Mrs. Carter World Tour, among a thronging mass of fans that appear to yank at her hair and even hit her.

Making no mention of the incident, the ‘Bow Down’ singer posted a simple “Thank you Serbia!” to Instagram, accompanied by a photo of the huge April 15 crowd.




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  1. That's sad I'm glad beyonce is ok LORD COVER HER

  2. That was crazy.

  3. Dats gd 4 her ass they should of pulled all that fake ass shit out of her head

    • What a terrible thing to say. Why would you say something like that?

    • do u think that all women have fake hair??

    • WOW! Why would you say something like that, she's never done anything to you.

    • Whether or not we 'like' fake hair or not, that was very much out of order what those 'fans' did. As a man, to actually say that about a woman "Dats gd 4 her ass, etc' – no matter if she's famous or not – is cruel – and is no different from publicly endorsing violence against women.

    • What a horrible thing for a "MAN" to say, but when you're not one, anything is bound to come out your mouth!!!

  4. ShAme on you Leon Earls

  5. people can do some crazy stuff.

  6. She wears fake and she can not sing. all she do is shake.

  7. I agree with Leon!!! I can't stand her!

  8. My grandparent's taught me that if you don't have anything good to say don't say it at all Leon Earls! They Serbia should be ashamed of themselves for pulling her hair and hitting her. She was doing her job as a singer and they took it to a whole different level…I would not go back to Serbia if I was her.

  9. haters! lol

  10. Hahahaha!!!

  11. People R sick!What if it would have came off?

  12. Where were her bodyguards? Somebody's getting the boot!

  13. Glad dey didn't Pull it Out… lol

  14. those honks hate black people! they were trying to hurt or kill her. She’s crazy for even going over there; well so much for transcending race, Bey!

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