Conservatives Drop Heat on Al Sharpton Producer for Harmless Boston Bombing Tweets

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It seems that conservatives are always looking for any ammunition they can find to attack Al Sharpton and those on the left.  If they can’t hit the target directly, the next strategy is to go after the second-in-command.

The target for the website Newsbusters was Nida Khan, a respected journalist and blogger for the Huffington Post. Khan also works with Rev. Sharpton on his radio show, and often shares intelligent analysis on various political issues.  The attack on Khan stemmed from her mere speculation that the Boston bombings could have been caused by one of the many anti-government groups in the United States.

Given that she is from Pakistan, it makes sense that Khan would not agree with the yahoos who want to go attack any dark-skinned person with an unfamiliar name.  But what’s even more interesting is that a set of relatively harmless tweets sent the right wing into a virtual frenzy.  Here’s the first tweet:

“We don’t know anything yet of course, but it is tax day & my first thought was all these anti-gov groups, but who knows,” she said.

Wow.  What a horrible thing to say.

But as the right wing loves to do, there were continued attacks on Khan from the Twitterverse, with people accusing her of being unAmerican and all sorts of other things.  But Nida didn’t back down and defended herself valiantly:

You can check Khan’s Twitter feed here.


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  1. MANY CONSERVATIVES HAVE LOST TOUCH WITH REALITY and they are trying to blame the DEMOCRATS for anything and everything that they can find — all major problems on Earth…. but especially the BLACK ONES….i.e. — Rev. Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson…and Pres. Obama.

    During the Trayvon Martin protests…the same Conservatives… e.g. LIMBAUGH, HANNITY, BECK and that bunch of fanatics…tried to twist the problem to make Trayvon the “bad guy” or the “criminal” who had no business walking around with tea and skittles in his hand.

    And then…there was RAND PAUL who spoke at Howard Univ. and tried to twist the facts of history…and bamboozle those Black students …. falsely claiming that “Republicans have always been the friend of Civil Rights.” (As if most of us don’t know about what J. Edgar Hoover, Reagan and other Republicans did).


    Any and all of the terrorists were probably happy about the Boston Marathon bombings….and today”s “busted” terrorist attack in Canada.

    And then we have the right-wingers like LIMBAUGH, BECK, and others… who are having a fiesta… just going wild… trying to blame it all on Pres. Obama…

    They have brought up all sorts of ridiculous comments…from Benghazi…to Rev. Wright…to the Sequester cuts…. to his Birth Certificate…to Obamacare…and on and on and on — to try to link President.

    Obama to the actions of the cruel and vicious terrorists. There has been a pattern of this “Blame Black people” activity…. even when Wall St. crashed the entire economy, there were those who put the blame on “poor Black people…. and other people of color” — such as “immigrants” — which are also under attack too.

    So… a few days ago…. some nutty young men from Russia (White boys) set off bombs at the Boston Marathon…and somehow their actions are the fault of the BLACK PRESIDENT… Obama.

    So…just how is it that some more nutty terrorists were going to blow up CANADIAN facilities…but got caught…. CANADA IS MOSTLY WHITE….and they are using the Black Panthers…. Rev. Wright…and nonsense that they can muster to try to blame the

    BLACK PRESIDENT for these terrorist attacks that began over 40 years ago.

    One only need to read a lot about BLACK HISTORY to ascertain that the sick ideas of BLAMING the “dark skinned person” — for any and all crimes or violations has been a pattern in this country for over 200 years.


    * Suggest books = TAX TEA BAG PARTIES….and….



    ..and CHICKEN LITTLE ENTERS POLITICS…. *(amazon.com)

  2. WOW…what a blatantly biased article followed by an even more blatantly biased comment! Never been to this site before, but it’s obvious by comments that people really need to be diversifying their sources of information. Funny how people claim to not trust media, but then let themselves be influenced by it.

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