Brandy Keeps Her Word After Making A Youtube Blogger’s Dream Come True

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This past weekend, Brandy was giving us a serious flashback from her Moesha days when she posted photos of herself in poetic justice-inspired braids, however, it was the caption of the photo that really got our attention.  She posted:

Yes @beatfacehoney!

In case you aren’t familiar with the name Beat Face Honey, she is a popular Youtube blogger with an incredible story!   Last month, when she heard that Brandy was coming to her town, “Honey” stepped out on faith and asked her followers on Youtube to bombard Brandy with messages with hopes that Brandy would watch one of her Youtube makeup tutorials and allow her to do her makeup for an upcoming Philly concert.  After a day went by of her followers flooding Brandy with messages, “Honey” received her big break!



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