Beyoncé Nails Routine Within Five Minutes Then Shoots For H&M

bey1Beyoncé has illustrated once again what a true professional does under pressure. Beyoncé was given five minutes to learn the dance routine for the Standing On The Sun video for retail giant H&M. The singer mastered the routine seconds before the camera rolled.

The singer said having to do things last minute on set may have been due to her busy schedule, as she was gearing up for her world tour, at the time of the shoot. Of the shoot, co-choreographer Frank Gatson was confident saying, “Beyoncé hasn’t really got a chance to rehearse as much as she would like to. She has a lot on her plate but we’ll get it done.”

Creative Director for H&M, Donald Schneider said, “It’s incredibly unique to have someone like Beyoncé for a campaign. It doesn’t get bigger than that.”

He added, “Of course, we need to do something that excites her as well as us. We have a fantastic creative team on it that came up with this idea to incorporate the four elements, wind, water, earth and fire to create something visually stunning. When we are planning something like this everything seems to be easy and fun. But when we get here, it’s an incredible amount of work.”

After seeing the finished product, Schneider added, “It’s a magic moment or all of us. When you watch this commercial, you can really feel how much went into it. It’s going to be a firework of visual impressions. I don’t think fashion has ever been shown this way before.”

Beyoncé is currently jetting around the world on her Mrs. Carter World Tour. The Queen Bey just kicked off the UK part of her tour with a blowout performance in London. Although photographers were not given credentials to shoot the star, many fans posted  pics from the exciting night via social media.

Asa Lovechild is an accomplished actress and singer out of New York City and a supporter of  One Billion Rising

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  1. Lunetta Williams at 7:40 pm

    Hate her or not.. the girl is bad in what she do…why? because she is focused, happy, and dedicated…take notes "FANTASIA" my girl! she does not let the negative things affect her job dedication that's why she is Queen B.

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