’42’ Scores No. 1 at Box Office

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America loves a good sports movie and audiences helped make the baseball biopic 42 the number one film this weekend, with $27 million in ticket sales.

The movie garnered an A+ from audiences via Cinemascore and seems to be universally praised by audiences and a majority of critics. It’s not clear what the long play is for a movie like 42. Sentimental movies like 42 usually stick around a while, fueled by older audiences who are looking for an alternative to the loud spectacles cramming the local cineplex.

The Scary Movie franchise has seen better days, financially speaking. Creatively, it’s always been pretty terrible. The fifth entry into this creatively bankrupt excuse for comedy barely mustered $15 million. This is the second horror movie spoof this year (the other being the truly wretched A Haunted House) and thankfully audiences seem beleaguered with this lazy, uninspired slapstick comedy.



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