“The Bible” Devil Looks Like President Obama

by / March 18, 2013 News 24 Comments

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The new History Channel series “The Bible” has gotten over 10 million viewers attention. The topic of relegion can typically be controversal, but this series is receiving backlash for or more specific reason.

Glenn Beck, conservative commentator, was among the first to point the resemblance on Twitter between the transformed actor Mohamen Mehdi Ouzaani’s character- The Devil, and President Barack Obama.

Tweets and Facebook posts have poured in, mostly from Obama suporters, commenting on people’s disapproval of the comparison. Beck isn’t the only to say that the Devil actor favor an older version of the President.

The executive producer, also the creator of Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice, Mark Burnett has yet to comment on the disturbing remarks. The show’s reps have also not responded on the mater, and neither has the network.

I’ll leave the judgement up to you. What do you think? Do you see similarities? Was this purposeful or coincidental?

Sommer Payne