Shaquille O’Neal’s Mistress Fearful of Her Life for Revealing Affair

by / March 24, 2013 Black News 31 Comments

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Vanessa Lopez

Vanessa Lopez (right)

Reported by Malcolm Morrow

It looks as if statements made by Kobe Bryant about the alleged infidelity of his teammate Shaquille O’Neal have landed Bryant in the middle of an upcoming lawsuit against O’Neal for “intentional infliction of emotional distress and assault”, according to EurWeb.com. Vanessa Lopez, one of O’Neal’s alleged former mistresses, says that she will cite Bryant’s statements that he made while he was dealing with accusations of r@ping a hotel worker in Colorado.

Lopez says she wants to know what advice did O’Neal give Bryant to help quell the incident. According to the same website, “While Bryant was under investigation, he reportedly told cops that O’Neal would pay up to $1 million in hush money to different women.” Lopez wants to know this information so that she can show the kinds of extremes that O’Neal is willing to go to in order to cover his tracks. Lopez says that O’Neal began to harass her after she revealed to him that she was pregnant with his child. Lopez had already broken off their relationship due to accusations of cheating being raised by O’Neal.

It’s strange how the pot is calling the kettle black in that scenario. Lopez also says that she is now fearful for her own safety due to the actions of O’Neal. “I live every day fearing for my safety. I now have extreme anxiety because of Shaquille O’Neal’s campaign to intimidate and silence me. Since the incidents began I have been plagued by anxiety and depression for which I have taken medication.” The trial is set to begin on March 25. It’ll be interesting to see what will be brought to the light during the proceedings.

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Malcolm Morrow, a Your Black World Network contributor, is a senior, criminal justice major at The University of Southern Miss


31 Comment

  1. gold digger!

  2. So let me get this straight…you have a sexual affair with a married public figure, and because your lack of morality was exposed and the dangers that were ALWAYS evident have come to reality for you now you are seeking monetary damages? I hope that not only does she win her case but that the former Mrs. O'neal sues her for emotional distress, her contribution to the dissolution of her marriage and more thus bankrupting her….am I vicious? LOL

  3. Really! Who cares anyway! For crying out loud…. Laud hep 'em

  4. Wow! An Adulteress is suing an Adulterer! How ignorant….

  5. Whatever happened to her pregnancy…Maybe she wasn't sure if the baby was Shaq's, Kobe's, Dennis Rodman's, Jason Kidd's, Carmelo Anthony's, Stephon Marbury's or mine…LMAO This b$tch needs to get lost and leave Shaq alone before her nightmares really do come true.

  6. Where is the child?

  7. Please give me a break she needs to get over herself. I pray the judge tells her to relax and move on. Just another mistress looking for money.

  8. Gold-digger shall we say.

  9. Oh lord let us pray SMH.

  10. Hope this will open the eyes of some of the other"players" players out there! When are you guys going to get it? Its either a child involved or "I am scared of him". You weren't scared of him when he was spending his money on you!

  11. Shaq said "call me the Big Stinky cause I'm funky!" ok Big Stinky cause you stinky alright and ditto your ex The Big -Skanky- cause she's triflint.


  12. I remember the good old days when skanks like this were never granted their 15 minutes of fame and were used for recreational purposes only. It's like "skankism" and being a pub seeking hoe is a new type of vocational field or something.

    • That was probably before the internet. Everything you don't want to know.

    • why she gotta be a skank, or a hoe, the palyers are just as must to blame as these women are they BOTH put themselves in dangerous positions, the losers are the wives and children at home, these women stand in line to f#$@ these guys , but the guys walk up to the line and pick em, and then don't have the sense to use a condom!!!!!

  13. They fool around with females LIKE her (white or light) and then BLAME Black women for the shyt these bitches do. Go figure…

    Serves his ass right.

  14. But is pregnant with child or has she already had a child for O’Neal?

  15. Not even news worthy…….

    • u just made it so

  16. Every highly-paid, male pro athlete needs to know this before the relationship ever starts: “You have to pay to play!”

  17. What do I think? I bet Shaquille O’ Neal thinks that same thing I think; Keep your shit zipped up in your pants! That’s what I think. Men like this make the rest of us look stupid. It’s almost like an erect penis makes common sense leave the male body. SMDH….

  18. who cares what this lady has to say.
    She knew what she was getting if what she says is true

  19. Judge! Summary Judgement for Oneal! We all see what she is doing. Her money is low.

  20. I don’t think she is in fear of nothing but not getting paid. These heifers know exactly what they are getting into. Everybody pays to play, male and female. This extorted money she is trying to get will not make her happy, she is a marked woman, when this runs out, she will already be damaged goods for any other wealthy man. How stupid can you get. I have to pitty on these skanks.

  21. What a pathetic joke she is.

  22. These girls certainly know how to dig; and here she is trying to convince us that she is afraid of the grave diggers….

  23. Oh, please.

  24. Boy, these stupid black brothers with money love these high-priced white whores, don’t they? Some have even been known to spend more on white women than their own black mothers for homes, cars, and other things in life. O.J. Simpson is just one case in point. Black people should be speaking out more, long and loudly, about such “Judases of black women and the black race.” I don’t know of ANY woman of any race who is worthy of a million dollars to go to bed with, even I was as rich as Rockefeller. Now, how much have theise two Judases contributed toward college scholarships for young black students? — Rev. George Brooks

  25. Really wtf

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