Mormon Church Changes Scriptures Regarding Ban on Blacks

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The Mormon Church has revised scriptures that were previously used to justify a ban on black men serving within the church.

A new edition of the scriptures was released on March 1 now mentions that Mormon prophet Joseph Smith ordained black ministers in his time, redacting years of anti-black and pro-slavery messages supported by the church.

After Smith’s death, The Mormon Church implemented a ban preventing black men from entering into priesthood and black women from worshiping at temples. That ban lasted from the mid-1800s to 1978, when the church announced that a “spiritual revelation” called for its reversal.

Now, 35 years removed from the ban, the church seems ready to accept that the original reasons behind the ban were not driven by spirituality, and instead were tied to American politics and racism. The introduction to the portion of the scripture regarding the 1978 revelation no longer attempts to justify the ban. While the statement is far from an admission of wrongdoing, or an apology, it is a step towards greater acceptance of blacks in the church.



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  1. really? I would never join anyway.


  3. Mitt Romney faith. Make you think if he was president

    • This is so truth. There has to be some prejudice there.

  4. Don't want to be part of a cult.

  5. The title is a bit misleading, as technically none of the scriptures were changed. Only a historical note was added to the declaration that there was no longer a ban.

    • Same thing. That is when man is the head. If Jesus was the head, what He says to one, He says to all. Jesus is no respecter of persons. I Pet. 2:9 But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, etc. We are all priest. That means we can go to the throne of God boldly. We don't need an mediator or intercessor. Thank you Jesus.

  6. anything I have to say will be ignorant…..

  7. Nope! Too late! lol #irrelevant

  8. not sure how to take this. people who know me is saying….aw shoot! he is about to go off. but anything I have to say is and will be ignorant. my mother says if you have nothing nice to say, giggle and keep walking and don't got to jail.

  9. seems like people added the ban ~ 1850 this just says our church was a bunch of racist cunts just 150 years ago.

  10. Something about this is not right. If you examine their beliefs about a “GOD who has many wives and lives on another planet… and how he sent people to Earth to teach…THEIR RACIST COMMENTS ARE THERE.

    Deep in the teachings of the Mormon faith…they claim that the BLACK PEOPLE ( back in Heaven on one of their planets) were the ones who did not believe in their teachings…and thus, they were not included.

    And there are other teachings about how WHITE PEOPLE were the most “pure” and most trusting of their teachings, etc.

    The ban was not based upon “politics” — but rather their fanatical teachings. And then there is MITT THE TWIT ROMNEY who was spewing a lot of nonsense about the 47% — and how those “urban dwellers voters went for Obama because he gave away free stuff….” ALL OF IT HAS RACIST UNDERTONES.

    *Suggested books = “THE GREAT SPIRIT”….and…

  11. Not one religoin in the world started in Europe and Africa gave to Asia which in olden times was apart of Africa the religion it has. When the Hindu Gods came to India they were called Sambos. Now Sambo is used derogatively to mean blacks. Africa gave religion to the world. Mic Romney is a morman could you imagine if he had won the US presidency.The Christian religion that is worshiped is the one that enslaved Africans.One one of their great slave ship was the good ship Jesus. They always sailed from Africa with thier slaves strapped with chains 18 inches apart on a Sunday. The first two slaves were a man and a woman and in their ship log they named them Adam and Eve because they thought that the Great Creator would bless thier voyage.Let the Morman church take a long walk on a short bridge.Imagine doing all your bodily funtions even giving birth 18 inches apart in chains for months.Women cannot be priests in the Roman Catholic church.Yet women go there.This is wicked.Read about the Spanish inquisition.All Europe at one time was Roman Catholic.No name for the Divine is used in any African language here.If Jesus was born where it is said why he looks European.Even the bible which was tampered with says he had hair like wool and feet like brass. Chech that out . I have more.

  12. Why in the world would black folks want to join any racist church that doesn’t want them?

  13. Now maybe they can go and search real life in Jesus Christ! Who wants to be attached to cults? When Jesus preached it was to the Jew and Gentile ONLY Catholicks, Mormons, Islam – Come on who needs to be twisted?

  14. I am a Black woman and I live in Montana with my family. There are mormans all around me. I used to volunteer my time at the local food bank. Suddenly, 2 mormon guys volunteered and as soon as they realized that they would be working next to me, they put in for a transfer to another agency (unspecified reasons). Those same 2 mormon guys walked from downtown waaaayyy out to my house, a long road and I have an extremely long lane. They had on black suits and ties. Boy, was it HOT. I watched them as they approached and it was my time to have a little fun. I let them knock 2 times and when I finally answered, the look on their faces were priceless. However, you should’ve seen the look I gave them. I refused their pamphlets, did not even offer them a bottle of water. I watched from my air conditioned kitchen as they walked back down my long lane. They were stripping off neckties & jackets and all unneccessary items as I stand there laughing.

    effin’ crackers…

  15. Hell no I would join this Devil organzation.

  16. I wonder what Black PPL would want to join their church anyhow – if u can call that a home of God? Must be in need of new slaves or money!

  17. This Bootleg Religion was Started by Brigham Young the cracker who told all the Mormons to move out West & take Apache Land as the Apache were being moved to Reservations! These Devils are on stolen land like the rest! Nobody is going to believe that BS because the Blackman is the God in all Religions!!! Example The Hindu Gods were Black Africans! Islam:Allah made his Man Adam from Black Mud & fashioned him into shape-Holy Quran,Jesus Had Hair like Lambs wool & skin like burnish Brass! Everybody you read about in the Bible are Jet Black except Moses he was mixed but Black Enough! Abraham was Black as pitch & His son Ishmael is the father of the Arabs! Isaac is the father of the Jews he was a Mixture but Black Enough! Hebrews come from the land of Kush(Ethiopia) Blackman you are it all is yours! We are the Root of all the Civilizations! Stop looking around like a Dummy,and following Whites when you are the mother & father! It’s like running behind your Kids!

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