Michelle Obama Speaks Candidly about Sasha and Malia’s Weight

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First Lady Michelle Obama wants America to be healthy, but she also wants kids to be psychologically healthy.  One thing she considers to be unhealthy is the weight obsession that is drilled into the heads of millions of young girls trying to live up to imagery they see in magazines.   During a Google hangout hosted by Kelly Ripa this week, Mrs. Obama said that when it comes to her daughters, she refuses to discuss their weight.

One question came from Kishan Shah, who said she weighed 400 pounds when she was 19.   That’s when the first lady helped the young girl know the difference between being healthy and just looking good.

“The first thing that we want to make sure that we do is not make this an issue about looks. We should really talk to kids about how they feel, how they feel inside, so that we’re not just dealing with the physical manifestations of the challenge, but we’re really tapping into what’s going on inside that head of that child.”

Mrs. Obama went further in explaining to the girl who asked the question that her daughters had experience similar challenges when trying to deal with the complexities of body image.

“I never talked about weight in the household,” she said. “We just started making changes. And we made changes in a way that didn’t make [Malia and Sasha] feel badly about themselves; it didn’t even make them feel any ownership over it. Because truly, kids that age can’t control what they eat. So as the mom, I took it upon myself to make sure that we just surrounded them with foods that were healthy and that they could eat whenever they wanted to. You just have to get the temptation out of the household wherever possible, and then just try to make activity fun.”




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  1. That’s the key, health. A lot of the weight conversation in this country is inspired by the superficial. Our first lady has the right idea.

  2. Bravo First Lady

  3. Amen! I love this perspective and approach from the First Lady. Weight, often times is not just a nutrition/activity issue but, an emotional one.

  4. Amen! First Lady Michelle Obama keep up the great work that you are doing for the children in the US to be healthy!

  5. 1st Lady Michelle Obama you are doing an awesome job speaking out to keep America Healthy and I am praising you for a job well done! Keep up the Excellent work PS I am working on staying healthy myself.

  6. such bull until the first lady actually addresses the gmos by Monsanto that Mr potus put as the head of FDA her healthy initiative is void.

    • I agree!

  7. Thi isi a throw back from slavery that still haunts us today. We had to survice on what was left from the slave masters table, so we did the best we could and we survived on soul food. This kind of food is full of grease. A woman the other day said she did not know how to cook anything else but soul food. She passed up the vegetable and greens except collie greens in the super market. She was big, her husband was big and so were the children.Listen to our great first lady Michelle Obama.Try to eat more vegetable with green leaves and fruits and drink a lot of water.Try to cut out soul food it served its time.I am not condemning soul food, a little once in a while if you really like it.

  8. I agree w/ Shield. The food is not healthy in America. Oh, and it's a bit condescending to try to be in the business of the citizens RE: their weight/health but she can't get her own home straight. I'm sorry but it looks like Sasha is never told "no" to anything she may want to eat.

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