Kendrick Lamar Defies The Industry, Requests a Dark-Skinned Model

by / March 4, 2013 Entertainment 22 Comments

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Hip Hop star Kendrick Lamar Duckworth, who goes by just his first two names, is a different kind of rapper. And unlike Drake, Lil Wayne, Wale and scores of other artists who typically feature lighter-skinned or European-type models in their videos, Lamar has challenged the status quo by requesting a dark-skinned model, Brittany Sky for this Poetic Justice music video.

The Compton, California native wanted to do something different and important, which is why he decided to go for a different type of look. “We had another girl for the lead but I had an idea where I just wanted a little bit of a darker tone [girl] in the video,“ Lamar explains. “It’s almost like a color blind industry where there’s only one type of appeal to the camera,” he said.

Lamar rhymes about the temptations, social struggles and discontent of the experiences he grew up with in Compton, such as experiencing the harsh reality of poverty in one of the richest nations on the planet.

He first gained notoriety after the release of his fourth mixtape, Overly Dedicated, in 2010. In 2012, Lamar released his second studio record, the first under his joint label venture with his previous independent label, Top Dawg, and his new label, Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment.

Good Kid, m.A.A.d City received critical acclaim and has been certified gold. Although his album was not nominated for a Grammy Award, Lamar’s album was overwhelmingly considered one of the best of 2012. But as Lamar hopes to defy his critics with his music, he continues to defy social norms by celebrating his blackness—his dark-skinned blackness.











22 Comment

  1. I Kinda Like His Music….Good For Him!

  2. She isn't that dark skinned but it's definitely a start!

  3. Ditto to Bijou's comment… She's not that dark but I'm glad he's willing to step out of the box and embrace the chocolate women… All too forgotten in the limelight of the industry.

  4. Kudos to him for standing up for what he thinks in beautiful and not for what the industry thinks is beautiful!

  5. I love it I love it this is why I stop supporting rappers and artist BC they see tht we have an issue w showing only one shade of black (if black) in their videos even thou they have beautiful brown tan light skinned dark skinned female family member. The artist these days don't stand for real change at all. They make all of these millions and do nothing w it to change the perception or hire their own. Hell does lil Wayne even hire black women anymore. Look the bigger they get the whiter the girls r but u look at their video u don't even see a black person this is what Spike Lee need to be talking about now this is buffoonery to not hire ur own kind allow shades. They r still being slaved making all tht money not changing shit. More black on black crime. Now I'm definitely not talking about all artist but definitely the majority

  6. “Requests a Dark-Skinned Model”

    Yo! I just became a Kendrick Lamar fan. RESPECT!!!!

  7. God Bless him!

  8. God Bless you. It’s about time someone recognizes that black people are beautiful and come in all shades

  9. I'm very glad there are strides, but I have to smh that the use of which complexion is still up for question in the "new" millenium. I wont be satisfied till we are color blind. #letsgrowup #andstepup

    • Cool

  10. Um…..She's not that dark.

  11. this is what's up, I'm tired of seeing these fucking light brights thinking they run shit and everybody else believing it too. kendrick, keep it up and represent what black really is.

  12. WHY ,I WOULD NEVER LISTEN TO THE TYPE OF HIP HOP OR R&B YOU MAKE,I must give you props for taking your unique and powerful to say yes DARK SKINNED WOMEN ARE NOT ONLY BEAUTIFUL ,but the are the ORIGINAL PRETTY WOMEN in terms of appearance.

  13. She is dark..but they still used make up to give her a lighter look than what she is probably

  14. "She's not that dark-skinned"? Can't please everyone…ever.

  15. He shoulda used Alek Wek. Brittany Sky is not exactly dark.

  16. Wow! will some of you ever be satisfied? It seems no matter what is done, some people wil never be satisfied. Pls chill, at least Kendrik started something. Cudos too you Mr Lamar, I appreciate that you see all Black Women as Beautiful. It's a sad day when a Black Man turns away from a Black woman…All of your ancestors are Black, including your daughters. Just a little something to think about…

  17. You go dude, break the flipping mould


  19. Bestie u rock remember that forget the ignorant people who think the color of your skin matters #haters come in all forms

  20. Great Choice Kendrick.. Keep Em Comin…

  21. Respect to op, some wonderful entropy.

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