‘Judge Joe Brown’ Cancelled After 15 Seasons

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CBS Television Distribution has brought down the gavel on “Judge Joe Brown (pictured),” the second highest-rated court show in television syndication that stars the no-nonsense ajudicator Joe Brown, reports the Huffington Post.

Reportedly, the cancellation took place as a result of not being able to come to a happy medium over Brown’s $20-million annual salary, which CBS was looking to trim because of the show’s dip in ratings.

Even though all of the syndicated court shows have seen a decline in viewership, Brown’s half-hour daily program has maintained its No. 2 two spot behind the viewer favorite, “Judge Judy, ” whose No. 1 spot beats all of her competitors by a wide margin.



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  1. Where are the really good, inspirational top Black shows these days? I meant something that is intelligent, informative, and maybe — dare I say it: EDUCATIONAL??? I mean something besides “Rap” shows or “reality nonsense shows.”???

    Now CBS is getting rid of their top Judge? That is odd. There seems to be a pattern in TV…and radio these days … many are cancelling or removing the top Black shows … or reporters …commentators. At CNN…they are removing ROLAND MARTIN and SOLEDAD OBRIEN.

    *Suggested books = BLACK HISTORY TREASURY….and…
    BRAVE LIKE ME (En-courage-ment from Black Achievers)

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