It’s Time For The Real House Wives Of Atlanta Reunion (Teaser Alert!)

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Bravo and Andy Cohen are joining forces to market one of the network’s highest grossing reality series. The two entities are working to build up a lot of anticipation for the three part season reunion show.

The show will begin the airing April 7th, and Andy is giving viewers lots of hints and surprises to look forward to.

Straight from the A reports:

While many feel that the recent lawsuit filed by Kandi against Kim was a publicity stunt for the reunion, I heard that Bravo actually banned the ladies from speaking of it at all during the taping. If… (and that’s a big IF) it’s a publicity stunt, it may be used during Kandi’s upcoming “Kandi Factory” show…

As expected, Kenya and Phaedra continued their ‘booty battle” and went head to head as they each shared facts surrounding the fallout over their respective workout DVD’s.

Phaedra, who is about eight months pregnant and ready to pop, brought out a few surprises and attempted to remain calm due to her condition… but I heard that Kenya pulled a few low blows by bringing out a few explosive “exhibits” to prove her points about Phaedra and/or Apollo.

Phaedra, on the other hand, is said to have pulled out proof of Kenya’s silicone implants, as well as her questionable relationship history.

According to my very knowledgeable source, Kenya’s implant history is very well documented in the modeling industry.

… many photographers on her repeat modeling gigs noted “special circumstances” when shooting back shots of Kenya.

Having posed several times for BlackMens Magazine & Smooth, there are reportedly several notes about photo shopping a dent in Moore’s left butt cheek, which is rumored to have stemmed from lack of care after her silicone implant procedure.

My source went on to say:

When Kenya got her work done it wasn’t as popular a procedure in the U.S. She was referred by a friend to a Dr. in Mexico and traveled there to get her work done.

The doctor who performed Kenya’s procedure advised her to sleep on her stomach for a few weeks after the procedure, but she slept on her side, resulting in the imperfection.

Clearly this is all hearsay, but the person who told me is normally a great source of information. So yes… I believe it and am taking his word as the gospel (but that’s just me).

The women weren’t the only ones bickering. Their husbands were invited to the drama too!

Porsha had a lil bit of Kenya drama as well, but most of her issues centered around her defending her husband Kordell’s “controlling” nature.

All of the house HUSBANDs took to the stage as well. Gregg, Peter,Apollo and even Todd appeared in support of his fiance Kandi.

Last but not least, word on the curb is that one hubby was a no show.

My spidey senses tell me that it was probably Kordell but I haven’t received any confirmation.

In addition to catching a ton of flack about being “too controlling,” Kordell’s past was revisited regarding the gay rumors that surrounded his NFL career.

Sommer Payne