George Zimmerman’s brother Wants ‘Black Teens’ Branded As A Threat

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In response to the recent Brunswick, Georgia shooting that resulted in the death a 13 month old Antonio Santiago, Robert Zimmerman, the brother accused murderer George Zimmerman, sent out a tweet depicting side by side pictures of Trayvon Martin and De’Marquise Elkins, the teen accused of shooting the baby boy. The picture shows the boys holding up their middle fingers toward the camera. It also included the caption “A picture speaks a thousand words. . . Any questions?”

Other tweets were also posted comparing the two boys and the words they were accused of saying.

Teen to West: “Do you want me to shoot your baby?” #TrayvonMartin to #GeorgeZimmerman : You’re gonna die tonight Motherf**ker”
“Lib media shld ask if what these2 black teens did 2 a woman&baby is the reason ppl think blacks might B risky”
The mother of the baby boy, Sherry West, told officers that two teen boys demanded that she give them money, and when she said had none the oldest teen then drew his gun and shouted: “Do you want me to kill your baby?”
She also said the the gunman shot her twice: once in the leg, and the other grazing her left ear. She then had to watch helplessly when the teen shot her son at point blank range in the face. Sherry West has declared that she wants prosecutors to pursue the death penalty.
The story gets even more tragic because De’marquise Elkins’s family believes he has been wrongfully accused. The teen’s aunt says that he was at home with her and sat in the kitchen as she coked him breakfast, and later accompanied her to run errands. She claims the boy was with her the entire day and the police have obviously made a mistake. Elkins’s older sister, Sabrina, said the police “came pointing a Taser at him, telling him to get on the ground,” she said. “He said, ’What are you getting me for? Can you tell me what I did?”’
“He couldn’t have done that to a little baby,” Sabrina Elkins told the AP. “My brother has a good heart.”

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  1. Robert Zimmerman just want MEDIA attention! If those young boys are guilty of shooting that baby, they will face JUSTICE! His brother who shot Trayvon Martin, for no reason is going to get the type of justice he deserves

  2. Robert Zimmerman is showing us all the warped MENTALITY of his family…and why his brother is in jail and George’s wife is in deep trouble too ! He has been on TV previously making stupid, biased statements about what happened — and should STFU …since he was NOT THERE and only says want that kook George told him.

    As for this incident with his sick messages and tweets…comparing TRAYVON to some other very different case — it shows he is a racist with a twisted mind. That is what racists do…they lump all people of the same ‘race or heritage’ into a box and claim that “they all act that way” or … “they are all criminals…lazy… stupid…etc.”

    In this case… George has shown that he was out of his vehicle…following Trayvon with a gun…ducking in and out of buildings…and had called the cops on this teen — for no good reason. Then he got in Trayvon’s face talking stupid. Trayvon is the one who was “standing his ground.”

    When I grew up we had a “code of conduct” = DON’T START NO sh#t AND WON’T BE NO sh%t.

    When your brother is in as much trouble as GEORGE ZIMMERMAN is in — you should keep your mouth shut…stop tweeting and texting and appearing on TV….showing how ignorant and racist your family really is.

    *Suggested books = LYNCHINGS WITHOUT ROPES…and…
    LIBERTY’S LEGACY…. *(amazon.com)

    • True!

  3. See the ignorance of people who do wrong. The truth always come out

  4. An obvious idiot. Not even going to compliment this bullshit with a response

    • I will. The 13 month old baby is dead. That is fact. Travon is dead. That is fact. "You're going to die tonight mot#$@#$%#$" is pure allegation, not fact. Juxtaposing the two in terms of equality is highly specious.

  5. Thats why his ugly ass brother wil be going to prison for a very long time.

  6. He’s just want his 15 sec of fame to keep going even if it is at the expense of an innocent child having been slaugther.

    And in regards to the Baby that was killed by the mother because thats the truth the whole story isnt added up and the way she’s conducting herself and the words she’s chosing to use means they better make dam sure they have the right kids if they were even involved it seems like another susan smith or blame it on the black man sydrome if im wrong than so be it it is my opinion afterall

    • Blame it on the black man? Are you kidding me? Two black teens did it. Do you think someone would choose the wrong person who murdered their baby? Do you think they would pick a black person when a white person did it? You are so very ignorant. Getting the correct person who murdered your child would be your only goal. No politics come into play with an infant and murder. Want me to say murder again? Because that’s what two black teens did to a completely innocent infant. “If I’m wrong, so be it.” So, you’re able to not care about this woman at all, but you do care about the killer? You can throw around that the mother is probably racist, but if she is not, then so what?
      What if I said that about you? ‘You sound to me like a worthless piece of shit, but if I’m wrong, so be it.’
      You’re throwing around accusations then putting in a less than half hearted escape if you are wrong…which YOU ARE WRONG.

      Damn, it’s almost comical to see the flip side of a two faced coin. I bet you don’t get that. It means you’re hypocritical. And racist, in your own respects.

      Learn to write, as well. Maybe someone will take you seriously if you don’t put forth that you are ignorant by the way you write. Let then figure it out by the content of your message.

      For the rest if you on this thread:

      I’m glad almost none of you brought up the baby’s murder in your comments. Then many of you resorted to name calling of George Zimmerman, such as fat. As well, you ignore the facts of Trayvon’s rap sheet and self-proclaimed gangster lifestyle as portrayed on his Facebook. So if you’re going to bring up the past as damnation, use all of the past; not just the parts that make your view look less prejudicial.

  7. And want The Zimmerman's branded as killers along with all the people that want his as to get away with murder.

  8. Really? Clearly ignorance and stupidity grow deep within the roots of the Zimmerman family tree. If we're going to start holding an entire race accountable for the actions of one, where do we lay the blame for the crimes of Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dommer, John Wayne Gacey, Susan Smith or even Adolf Hitler? Obviously George's brother is as out of touch with reality as he is. I hope he doesn't have a gun. Someone once said: It's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think your a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. The Zimmerman gang have done enough damage in Central Florida. They need to just shut up.

  9. Why don’t Robert Zimmerman ever talk about his brother’s criminal background such as George Zimmerman’s employment history isn’t very good, he’s been a bankrupt, then later had

    Well why don’t Robert Zimmerman talk about his fat brother’s criminal back ground such as undischarged credit card debts, then after that committed insurance fraud, he’s been fired from at least two jobs, did community service for assaulting a cop, was accused by an ex-girlfriend of domestic violence and by his own cousin of sexual assault. He lied to his friends and family, as well as a police detective during questioning about getting his associate’s degree. A police report was filed in a fight he had on the street over his non-payment of rent to his friend, and he called 9-11 to report “kids playing in the street”, “open garage door”, “someone driving in a car with loud music” and “a suspicious-looking 9 year old”. He says he bought a gun because he was afraid of a dog (which naturally leads one to assume he would shoot his neighbor’s dog).

  10. Whatever those two young men did has nothing to do with Trayvon being shot for no reason. Different people different scenarios, don't try to confuse the issue. In fact you look stupid for trying to compare Trayvon to the two who shot the baby.

  11. Fuck a George and a Robert zimmerman……Racist mfkrs…..penis envy pussy ass fagots….dick in ya mouth homosexuals

  12. I can say the exact same things about Latino teens.

  13. Fuck that they need 2 brand his pussy ass. Him, his brother, tha momma n daddy 4 being on tha bitch band wagon. Fuck them all blacks aint bad. Every race has ignorant ppl. They need 2 rip that bitch a new ass hole.

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