Ex Con Dies A Hero After Saving Stangers

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Karon Anderson is not only known for spending ten years in prison for making a few mistakes early in life; he is also known as for giving his life to stand up for a complete stranger. And who said chivalry is dead?! Black Media Scoop reported that:

Anderson was killed while trying to protect fellow passengers from a knife-wielding man on a city bus in Detroit. Witnesses say 55-year-old Kirk Knight, of Detroit charged at Anderson, stabbing him in the chest. Knight was charged with first- and second-degree murder; he has an April 3rd hearing in Wayne County Circuit Court. His lawyer, on the other hand, says that his client was stabbed in the leg during the incident and was defending himself.

Scott Hill, one of the strangers Anderson was defending, says the the ex-con’s actions saved he and his girlfriend’s life. “He definitely stuck his neck out there for complete random strangers,” Hill said of Anderson. “The guy was a hero.”

The mother of the perpetrator’s two son sain that Knight is mentally ill. She even explained that he had been in and out of jail and treatment. The man often found himself homeless because of his disorder.

“Kirk was a little paranoid, a little sick,” she said. Family members describe Anderson as a good person who struggled to make it in life.
“He got caught up in the streets, but Karon, he meant to do right,” said his aunt Colette Anderson, 43, also of Detroit. He spent 10 years in prison on drugs and weapons charges. Still, “he was like chivalrous in an urban sort of way,” she said.

Pictured above is Kierra Anderson, Karon Anderson’s 14 year old daughter, who is in the 9th grade as Css Tech high school in downtown Detroit. She recalled accounts when her father broke up fights on the city bus when they would ride together.

On the night of the incident resulting in Anderson’s death, his mother, Jewell Williamson, says she saw her son last when he left to go get groceries.

When he didn’t return, she assumed he had gotten into a fight and was jailed–it had happened before. She had no idea he would never return.

“I loved him. He was my life,” she said.

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