Elmo is in TROUBLE! Puppeteer Kevin Clash Faces 4th Underage S*x Lawsuit

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Elmo faces 4th underage s*x lawsuit!- or atleast the puppeteer, Kevin Clash, who plays him is. The actor and puppeteer was previously accused of engaging in a inappropriate relationship with a minor, and now the man responsible for the accusations is seeking a lawsuit for damages. AtlantaBlackStar reports:

Sheldon Stephens, 24, came forward in November, alleging that he shared a sexual relationship with Clash as a teenager. Though he eventually opted for a $12,500 settlement to keep the case out of court, three other young men with similar claims chose to sue the former Sesame Street cast member.

In paperwork for th e suit, Stephen said that he was 16 when he begun his relationship with Clash, and was spurred into drug use by the older man. He claims that Clash, 52, used crystal meth and fed him alkyl nitrates or “poppers” in order to increase arousal. TMZ reports that Stephens is seeking some $75,000 in damages, several times larger than the November settlement he received.

All four of the cases against Clash remain in civil court, meaning he is not facing criminal charges. Miami attorney Jeff Herman represents all four of Clash’s accusers, who are all seeking similar amounts in damages. The puppeteer has denied all allegations of wrongdoing against him, but admitted to having a relationship with Stephens after the younger man became an adult.

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