Detroit Bus Driver Fatally Wounded While Defending Young Couple

by / March 25, 2013 Black News 104 Comments

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Detroit bus driver Karon Anderson, 33, was stabbed to death while defending a young couple on his bus. Witnesses say Anderson tried karon andersonto intervene after a man began harassing the couple.

Anderson’s relatives say he’d had some trouble early on in his life, spending a decade in prison for a drug offense, but he’d gotten his life back on track.

“He got caught up in the streets, but Karon, he meant to do right,” said his aunt Colette Anderson, 43.  “He was like chivalrous in an urban sort of way,” she said.

Witnesses who were on the bus say Kirk Knight, 55, charged at Anderson and stabbed him in the chest after Anderson tried to stop Knight from harassing a young couple riding the bus.

Knight has been charged with first- and second-degree murder and is expected in court for an April 3 hearing in Wayne County Circuit Court. Knight’s attorney says his client was stabbed first and was just defending himself.

Scott Hill, one of the people whom Anderson was defending, says the bus driver may very well have saved his life.

“He definitely stuck his neck out there for complete random strangers,” Hill said of Anderson. “The guy was a hero.”

According to Hill, he and his girlfriend, Delaney Cam, 20, were running to catch a northbound bus when Knight, who was waiting to ride, elbowed him in the throat.

“He said, ‘Detroit’s a dangerous place. Don’t be running up on people,’ ” Hill said.

That led to an exchange of words, with Knight insisting that he’d been threatened. Anderson reportedly asked Knight not to bother the couple because they meant no harm, and that’s when he became the target of Knight’s anger.  That’s when Knight charged at Anderson, who was still seated, and stabbed him in the chest.

Knight initially fled the bus, but returned later to retrieve his bag. He was still carrying the knife he used to stab Anderson when he returned.





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