Civil Rights Group Wants TV Show “COPS” Taken Off The Air

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ColorOfChange has asked Fox not to renew the unscripted law-enforcement show and is calling upon advertisers to withdraw support.

The group is sending supporters an email in which it asks them to sign a petition to that effect. “Although marketed as unbiased, ‘Cops’ actually offers a highly filtered version of crime and the criminal justice system — a ‘reality’ where the police are always competent, crime-solving heroes and where the bad boys always get caught,” the email reads in part.

It goes on to charge “Cops” and shows like it with over-representing whites as police officers and under-representing minorities as authority figures. According to ColorOfChange, “Cops” glosses over issues such as police misconduct and broadcasts “dehumanizing portrayals” of suspects.



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  1. You have no clout! Perhaps you should become a writer and get your stories on tv so the sory can be told fromyour perspective. just saying

  2. I have seen "minority" cops shown on the episodes.Maybe you want it pulled because most of the criminals that are caught are "minorities". Gee there's a black female cop on the episode I'm watching now.There's also a male black cop.The cops also just gave the criminal "props" for running so fast.The guy also just stole a car, tried to run the cop over then got out and ran.

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