Bishop TD Jakes and Deion Sanders Going to Jail?!

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Don’t men know that women like to gossip?! You have to be careful about what you say if you do not want the information getting in the wrong ears! This is exactly where Bishop TD Jakes and Deion Sanders went wrong when discussing potentially ILLEGAL details about Sanders high profile divorce settlement. Black Media Scoop reports:

Case in point…gospel star Fred Hammond’s ex-girlfriend Nikke Sanni is spilling the beans on what she says happened in a private meeting two years ago. Nikke claims former NFL star Deion Sanders hooked up with Bishop TD Jakes for a meeting at Hammond’s home.

What was the topic of the meeting? Deion’s nasty divorce with ex-wife Pilar and how he could keep her from getting access to his money. The divorce had gotten nasty, with allegations of infidelity being tossed around, as well as domestic violence. The greatest tragedy in this circus of love were the kids, who had to watch all this go down on Twitter.

Sanni says that during the meeting, Bishop Jakes gave Sanders some detailed information on how he could hide his money from his soon-to-be ex-wife, to protect himself from serious financial liability during the divorce. This kind of activity isn’t unusual. According to the National Endowment for Financial Education, 61 percent of divorcees say they have been “deceptive” about money.

Sanni spoke with the site Cherry On Top, giving her account of what went down during that fateful meeting. If any of this happens to be true, this could mean serious legal problems for both Sanders and Bishop Jakes. Deion may be ordered to pay significant penalties to his ex-wife, and Bishop Jakes would even be open to a lawsuit from Pilar or possibly even criminal charges.

Fred Hammond’s ex who is spilling all of the beans.

Lets just hope she is doing all of this for attention, and there is no truth to it because no one wants to see TD Jakes in prison.

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  1. No one wants to see Bishop TD Jakes go to prison? I'm sorry is he supposed to be above fault or penalty because he's a minister? If the allegations are true the book should be thrown at him simply because of his public status. I don't know the intimate details of Deion and Pilar's divorce and/or relationship but the law is the law. You cannot break the law when it is convenient and expect to advise multitudes of others on following a certain moral standard.

  2. The TRUTH will come to the LIGHT…. TRACEY EDMUNDS was Deions Lawyer, AND SHE IS HIS NEW WOMAN….So Unfair. Pilar was and is a GOOD MOTHER….She is being hurt in many ways. TD JAKES…..Well…I'm going to hold that because GOD KNOWS WHAT IS GOING ON WITH HIM. GOD WILL SEE THIS HURTFUL DIVORCE IN THE RIGHT WAY…HAVE FAITH PILAR. I Have NEVER known PILAR to be a bad wife until DEION filed for divorce. SHE WAS WONDERFUL to her Children and I HOPE SHE GETS THEM BACK. I would not want my children with the LAWYER whom was a part of the Divorce PERIOD. NONSPIRITUAL & UNLOVING. HOLD ON PILAR <3.


  4. That's great advice…hide that bread. greedy! They can't do anything to T.D.Jakes he is allowed to give advice good or bad! That's not a crime..

  5. wat

  6. TD “phoney baloney pimp” Jakes should go to prison for stealing in the name of the lord.

  7. Both of them were dumb to put it out there for ears that it was not intended for.

  8. For what?

  9. Hi Joe Jackson, Let Michael's son be himself. Michael's
    genealogical will speak for itself. God will bless him and his siblings and you, too. God never will leave them. Their dad was great from birth to eternal life. Brenda in Davie, Fl.

  10. Private conversations? Wait for understanding before repeating what was said in private. Only God knows hearts. B/T D/T people can get it wrong…

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