Beyonce Shows Support Of Gay Marriage

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Beyonce always know just what to say, and sing! She is just pure perfection! Okay, I’m done with my Beyonce tyrant now back to business. Beyonce made sure that the world (or at least us die hard fans who frequent all of her sites) knows exactly where she stands on the latest gay marriage issue.

Prop. 8 has gotten national attention and there are so many opinions, critiques, and even support, and celebrities are no exception. Last night night Beyonce Knowles- Carter voiced her opinion, or shall I say “wrote” her opinion. She posted a photograph of one of her beloved handwritten notes on her Instagram page. Here is a look at the note.

Source: Instagram

“If you like it you should be able to put a ring on it. #wewilluniteformarriageequality. B”

After posting this personal message she also uploaded a picture of the Human Rights Campaign’s red equal sign. She is not the first to post a picture of this symbol. So many Human Rights supports have took to using this symbol on their social media cites to take a stance.

Along with the picture, the Queen B posted a caption that read:

“It is about time #equality #prop8 #marriageislove .. show your support!!”

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Beyonce taking this public stance on such a controversial issue is so beneficial to cause, and helps to rally supporters. These came at a crucial time. Two major pending gay marriage cases have been brought before the Supreme Court. The case that took place yesterday addressed California’s Proposition 8, which prohibits same sex marriage in what is supposed to be this nation’s “golden state”. today, the courts will address whether or not the Defense of Marriage Act, which is an act that defines marriage as being between a man and a woman, is constitutional or not.

This is obviously a delicate issue of human rights, which is why huge celebrities such as Beyonce do not mind voicing their opinion.

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  1. While I have always liked and cared for gays, including several that I grew up with and where close friends to, I do have two or three problems with some parts of it. First of all, AND MAINLY, sexually speaking two men together, or two women together, is absolutely incompatible. They simply do not “fit together,” normally, and any one with common sense should agree. They are not made to be together, sexually. And why do they, on marriage, insist on using the words of husband and wive, which a man and woman uses? And lastly, I am totally convinced that in time it going to flow over into relationships between men and women that are NOT GAY being persuaded to participate in love and sex with gays. Which will include out young people, and even children. And this I am absolutely opposed to. — Rev. George Brooks

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