Beyonce Regrets Returning to Work So Soon After Giving Birth


We all know the controversy that spun around the 31 year-old singer’s pregnancy. There were so many speculations of the entire ordeal being a publicity stunt. But real, or not, Beyonce wishes she would have taken a step back before returning to the music scene.

The Queen B was back on the of course in the hearts of her dedicated fans only months after giving birth to little Blue Ivy Carter. Beyonce even admitted to Shape Magazine that she did way too much. I would definitely agree since she scheduled a show only three months after giving birth. Has the queen ever heard of maternity leave!?

She says that a strict but healthy diet and lots of dance workouts helped her whip her flawless body back in shape and fight off that 57 pounds of baby weight.

Beyonce has also caused a stir, recently, with her latest song, “Bow down b*tches,”  in which she freely uses the word “b*tch”. The pop queen has always been known to have dance routines that could get very suggestive and even cause parents to chase their children out of the room but it seems that now she has taken her “art” to another level. Any trace of the wholesome sweet girl from Texas seems to have disappeared with this latest song.

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