7 People Shot During Rapper’s Party In Chicago

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Album release party gone wrong! Early Thursday morning an album release party at a Chicago nightclub ended in gunfire. There were 7 victims and they all have been reported to be in stable conditions by Chicago police spokesman Hector Alfaro.

According to authorities 3 people pulled of their handguns and began firing shots carelessly both inside and outside the the club, “Mr. G’s Supper Club” located on the south side of Chicago. The party was being held for local rappers Nino, Lil’ Mouse, and King Samson, whose names appeared on a promotional poster for the event.

It is believed that the incident was indeed gang related. Alfaro stated that the police were informed that a fight broke out causing the three suspects to draw their weapons.

Among the victims shot was a 19 year old female, two men ages 20 and 21, and two men ages 26 and 36. The exact number of people who were injured is unclear because many were driven to the local hospital by friends and family.

These senseless crime being committed especially with in minority neighborhoods, are yet another example of the desperate need for stricter gun laws and enforcement. Many people with in the community are infuriated at the fact that young people can no longer gather to have a good time without it concluding in violence and tragedy. It is time for authorities to take a more direct approach and keep this generation form killing itself off. Some would consider the recent gun violence incidence a form of genocide. Soon there will be no more young men and woman left.

As of now no one is in custody.

What do you think? What needs to be done? Is it only this generation of young men and woman causing these problems? Are gun laws the issue? If not, then what is the root of this tragic issue?

Sommer Payne

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  1. STRICTER NEED FOR YA ASS. tighter gun laws will only make things worse. all they have to do is hang those responsible not ban guns. that's a way toward a nation who can't defend itself from this type of crime.

  2. Gangs, drugs, and guns are so plentiful in Chicago that it has become worse than scandalous. Every week there are more and more shootings…mostly innocent people getting killed…and the beat goes on ….and on…and on.

    And these RAPPERS who indulge in this type behavior are not of much benefit to helping our communities. BLACK FOLKS are suffering with high unemployment, poverty, poor schools, and many problems — and we have these RAPPERS running around with gold on their teeth, bling around their necks — and not worth the salt in their bread. This new “gangstah rap” crap has been wrecking our communities, hurting the youth, demeaning icons of Black History, promoting lewd acts, and causing nothing but problems. HEAVEN HELP US ALL !

    * Suggested books = LYNCHINGS WITHOUT ROPES….and….
    LIBERTY’S LEGACY…. *(amazon.com)

  3. Start searching at the door….make security do their damn jobs …this would never happen if they spend real money and get real security on inside an have police outside patrolling and posted


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