6-Month-Old Jonylah Laid to Rest Today After Drive-By Shooting in Chicago

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The heart-breaking story of Jonylah Watkins had finally been put to rest today. The 6-month-old’s, who was shoot and killed in a drive-by shooting, funeral was held this morning. This tragedy has brought much attention to the issue of gun violence.

Madame Noire reported:

Today people will come together in the city to say goodbye to Jonylah Watkins, as her funeral will be held at 11 a.m. But visitation for family and friends has already started, and according to WGN-TV in Chicago, the young girl has been placed in a 3-foot-6 inch casket with a teddy bear inside. The funeral will also be open casket. Despite reports that NBA player Derrick Rose would be helping to cover the funeral expenses, the local funeral home Leak & Sons, according to the Huffington Post, has actually taken care of all costs for the 6-month-old’s family. Spencer Leak, the home’s funeral director, spoke to DNAinfo in Chicago and says that Jonylah’s death is one of the worst that he has had to preside over. “I’ve had children 4, 5 and 6 years old, but this is the youngest. It’s terrible. It’s just heartbreaking. I have a grandchild a little older, so it really broke my heart. I feel for the family — these are just little tiny innocents.”

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  1. This is a tragedy. This story brings attention to the issue of people being violent and how criminal behavior such as this affects innocent people eventually. There is no such thing as "gun violence". Guns don't commit the acts of violence; people do.

  2. This is just horrible and tragic. This poor child only got to live for SIX MONTHS. What kind of a man (and there are more of them out there) could do something like this? A sociopath, that's what kind. We need to cleanse the black community of these dangerous criminals, if for no other reason than for the sake of little kids like poor little Jonylah Watkins.

    • We need to enforce the law in ALL communities. Crime has a negative affect on everyone eventually.

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