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March 27, 2013

Bishop TD Jakes and Deion Sanders Going to Jail?!

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Don’t men know that women like to gossip?! You have to be careful about what you say if you do not want the information getting in the wrong ears! This is exactly where Bishop TD Jakes and Deion Sanders went wrong when discussing potentially ILLEGAL details about Sanders high profile divorce settlement. Black Media Scoop reports: Case in point…gospel star Fred Hammond’s ex-girlfriend Nikke Sanni is spilling the beans on…

Beyonce Shows Support Of Gay Marriage

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Beyonce always know just what to say, and sing! She is just pure perfection! Okay, I’m done with my Beyonce tyrant now back to business. Beyonce made sure that the world (or at least us die hard fans who frequent all of her sites) knows exactly where she stands on the latest gay marriage issue. Prop. 8 has gotten national attention and there are so many opinions, critiques, and even support,…

Mother and Aunt of Accused Killer in Brunswick Shooting Arrested TOO!

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            This case seems to get more and more confusing. Just last week the aunt of De’Marquise Elkins, the accused killer in the Brunswick shooting, released a statement to the police vouching for her nephew’s where abouts during the time of the shooting. Now, the police are claiming that both the aunt and the accused shooter’s mother have been arrested for falsifying information. Atlanta Black…

It's alleged that Kanye West is naming his daughter North and his new album "I Am God."

Kanye West: The Good, The Bad,The… Sell Out?

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by Malcolm Morrow Kanye West has recently had a couple of rumors surrounding him that involve strange names he has given his daughter and his upcoming album. It is rumored that West plans to name his and Kim Kardashian’s unborn child North and that he was planning on naming his next album “I Am God.” He was once one of the most humble talents in the industry. His dated albums…

Kim Kardashian Talks About Raising A Bi-Racial Child

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If you have not noticed Kim kardashian’s big round tummy (I doubt it), she has now transitioned into her third trimester of pregnancy, and it is about that time to get serious and talk parenting. The crazy rumors of her and Kanye planning to name their soon to be born child North West have died down, and people are starting to ask the real questions. For example, many want to…

Tiger Woods is the number one golfer again after finding love.

Tiger Woods Slammed for ‘Winning Takes Care of Everything’ Ad

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Reported by Malcolm Morrow Tiger Woods has landed in a little bit of hot water because of a recent ad that he did for Nike. In the ad, Woods is quoted saying: “Winning takes care of everything.” Many media outlets feel like those words send the wrong message. It makes one believe that an athlete can get past any situation — no matter how severe — as long as they…

Sean Penn’s Son to Photographer: “F*ck You N!gger”

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If it’s true that the mouth only speaks that which is in the heart, then Sean Penn’s son needs to do some serious soul searching. TMZ posted a video of Sean Penn’s son going off on a black photographer in Beverly Hills, ramming the photographer and calling him a “f@ggot” and a “n*gger”. Hopper Penn, 19, was walking inside a medical building behind his dad when he got into an…

Chris Brown Puts Misfortune Behind Him Concentrates On New Album

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The singer we love to love and love to hate is trying to put all the past, including recent incidents behind him, to concentrate on his next album.  According to The Los Angeles Times, Chris Brown is back in the studio and working on the finishing touches for his new project, X. In describing the direction of the album Brown says, “Basically I’m being honest. I’m 23. I hang out…