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March 24, 2013

Vanessa Lopez

Shaquille O’Neal’s Mistress Fearful of Her Life for Revealing Affair

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Reported by Malcolm Morrow It looks as if statements made by Kobe Bryant about the alleged infidelity of his teammate Shaquille O’Neal have landed Bryant in the middle of an upcoming lawsuit against O’Neal for “intentional infliction of emotional distress and assault”, according to EurWeb.com. Vanessa Lopez, one of O’Neal’s alleged former mistresses, says that she will cite Bryant’s statements that he made while he was dealing with accusations of…

Mall Cop Is Arrested After Tasing Mom In Front Of Her Kids

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A mall cop finds himself in jail after posting a video of himself ‘fighting crime’ on the clock. An altercation broke out after the security guard ask two mothers to remove themselves from the mall because they were two loud. When they all moved the drama outside the mall things became heated and resulting in the the mall cop tasing one of the women right in front of her children….

Baby Is Shot During Armed Robbery

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I’m officially disgusted with the number of stories of innocent children who have loss their lives due the hands a foolishness! Police are now going door to door, armed with automatic weapons, in search for the two suspects responsible for killing a 13 month old baby boy. The suspects opened fire on the infant while his mother pushed him in his stroller. The shooting took place in a coastal Georgia town…