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March 23, 2013

Gucci Mane Wanted For Assaulting a Soldier

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The well known and contreversial rapper Gucci Mane, who is no stranger to being in trouble with the law, was issued an arrest warrant after being accused of assaulting a U.S. soldier. The victim explained to WSB-TV reporter Amy Napier Viteri that he was only attempting to take a picture with the rapper. That was when Gucci Mane attacked the soldier. Here is a photo of a side view of…

Michelle Clark

Media Outlets Make a Mockery of Inarticulate Black Woman

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Reported by Malcolm Morrow The trend of having inarticulate Black people reporting the happenings of the day on the local news continues with Michelle Clark a.k.a. “The Kapooyow Kapooyow Lady.” Clark was telling her local news station in Houston about the hail storm that caused considerable damage to her apartment complex and also provided insight on how the sudden change in weather made her feel. Of course, there’s no fault…