Pastor Raps “Jesus Is My N*gga” In YouTube Video [VIDEO]

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Pastor Jim Colerick (pictured) has put together a video he thinks will inspire youth who are seeking the “Christian truth.” The “inspirational message” this man of the cloth is sharing is called “Rapping for Jesus,” reports the Daily Mail. Though, the end of the first verse may make you cringe. Here is the beginning of the song below.

“Well I wrote this song for the Christian youth

“I wanna teach kids the Christian truth.”

“If you wanna reach those kids on the street”

“Then you gotta do a rap, do a hip hop beat.”

“So heed my sermon, an urban kid”

My rhymes are fly, my beats are sick.”

My crew is big and it keeps getting bigger.”

“That’s cause Jesus Christ is my N*gga.

Yes, he said, “Jesus Christ is my N*gga.”

The controversial video, which was uploaded onto YouTube earlier this month by Brian Spinney, could have actually been produced some five years ago.  Spinney created his YouTube account on Jan. 15, the same day that Pastor Colerick’s church, West Dubuque 2nd Church of Christ’s website went live online. The website claims the church closed about nine years ago and Spinney, who reveals he was a high school student at the time, says he produced the video with Colerick and his wife.



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  1. BLACK PEOPLE! This is, by far, the BEST example of why SOME OF US look so freakin' STUPID when trying to justify the use of the word "nigga"! I can't even get mad at this clown for his ignorance because WE FED HIM THE LINE OF BULLSHIT THAT ALLOWED HIM TO DO IT!

  2. CTFU!

  3. This is TOO FUNNY! LOVE the video, and I see nothing wrong with it.

    • okay it was a little funny. but it was the truth it was creative. but jesus is my nigga. He is the man. I have to say the old lady did a little better.. I like the part where she said her rhymes may be weak but she wont get mad cuss or fight etc. she just will turn the other cheek.

    • Unfortunately Anthony, you're very, very seriously misguided young man! You see nothing wrong with this but if you had a daughter and some whites kids in school started calling her a nigger and trying to jump her because she's black, then I hope that's okay with you too? Because that's exactly what you're saying dummy! Funny my 'A' it's young people like you that have fueled the use of this word by ANYONE, yet you choose when to get mad selectively. The pastor saying the 'N' word is 'too funny' as you call it (wow), but not someone calling your child a nigger is not? We've had thousands of black men die because of this word..and that's fine with you? Wow!!! Go get some white paint idiotl!

  4. My rhymes are fly, my beats are sick.”.
    My crew is big and it keeps getting bigger.”.
    “That’s cause Jesus Christ is my N*gga.
    Yes, he said, “Jesus Christ is my N*gga.”.

    • Ridiculous


  6. This is definitely different, not even sure what to say yet.

  7. Yes, we have four fingers pointing right back at ourselves if we Blacks accuse this preacher of anything but copying what rappers do actually say in public, on C.D.’s, and for millions of dollars from millions of listeners.
    Might be about time for Black folk to stop letting “nigga” be a fighting word. Not justifying the old White preacher, but I can’t condemn him either.

  8. What the hell does one expect ,when these stupid rappers are forever using these types of phrases.

    • You are right about the RAPPERS who use so many vile, foul lyrics…including the “NWORD”….. and other derogatory language…calling women “ho’s” and other ugly things. What do we expect?

      And the toxic language spills over into our communities…where many of the youth….Black, Latino, White and others say the same words. I was coming out of a store one day…and there were some teens standing around out front…. mixed race of kids…and they were calling each other “my n-i-g-g-a-h”…
      Yes, even the WHITE ONES were saying it. They try to talk like they are GANGSTAHS or thugs. It’s really pitiful, since many of them are reading at 3rd grade level when in high schoo.

      Rapping, poetry, jazz…and all that has roots in ancient Africa…but it was not used to degrade people. It was used to inspire, teach, and uplift. These rappers are out of control…and their mental problems are contagious.

      Just take a look at what is going on in big cities like Chicago…Detroit and other places — where the GANGSTAHS have made living in peace nearly impossible.

      Suggested book = BEWARE OF TOXIC MINDS

  9. This is so stupid and not funny …..what. would be funny is when he stands before GOD and Jesus is judging, the Jesus says to the left my nigger I never knew you. People better stop mocking our creator and start praising him.

    • Your post is very stupid. Jesus does not judge anyone. Can the NT and drop the Jesus act. Xtanity contradicts G’d’s law in the OT.

  10. Yet ANOTHER example of insanity in action…there is no debate…intelligence and brilliance have been made a mockery of by Black people and then this FOOL tries to use it as a marketing ploy to bring young Blacks into his congregation (?) OR MAYBE he is being insulting, derogatory and racist…either way, there is no excuse for him or his video. Why we can't let go of the words "nigger and nigga" is just a sign of our ignorance and insanity. If you don't know your history, you are bound to repeat it…over and over and over again! Read, no…GOOGLE some history on the word "nigger' and where it came from and how it relates to slavery. Knowledge is power and intelligent and brilliant and those dealing at a higher consciousness people use it to move forward and enhance their race's condition.

  11. There is nothing to be said on this issue, “we” started using the term in the music industry so why should “we” be offended when he uses it, just because he isn’t black, or one of “us”.

  12. I really don’t know what to say?

  13. It stupid it sad.but to our black youth the n-word is like a secong language to them..

  14. This so sad and stupid, but the n-words is like a second language to our black youth..


  16. I have no harboring doubts that the pastor made a sincere attempt at reaching today’s misguided youth, but the manner in which he did it was crass and inappropriate. He used the n-word to simply mean one of the boys on the street, a comrade, a friend, and not in a manner of disrespect to us; however, it’s uncomfortable to hear anybody using this word including this pastor and his wife. And like many people have intelligently suggested, we helped fuel this kind of nonsense.

  17. Ok, let's be for real, the only reason that most of us are angry, is because he's white. Truthfully, if he had been black and wrote this, we would have been laughing! It we are to change things, the use of the word has to denounced, no matter who is using it.

  18. Goody!I know there is a chair waiting just for him in the fires of hell!

  19. I think this is the second pastor this week to have their hidden agenda put on blast and splattered across the internet. Weather they justify not tipping an Applebee's waitress or using racial slurs to draw the youth, in the end each and everyone shall give an account of every idle word spoken while here on this earth 🙁 It's just plain sad.

  20. Not only is this very blasphemous, it is also very insulting to black people everywhere.

    • @Codrington C. Dapp- why do you consider this “insulting to black people everywhere” when AA’s call each other ni@@er all day, every day.

  21. The sad truth is, if this was a black person singing this I’d accept it..I wouldn’t like it, but I’d accept it..what does that say about me and the times we live in..?

    • @Rhay- at lest you’re being honest. Most won’t take responsibility for their feelings or actions.

  22. I hate the word, never had any use for the word and when I was growing up it was a word used to provoke a fight with me and any of my peers. It was just as if you talked about someone's mother. Fighting words. I guess you young devils made that pastor do it (in my Flip Wilson's Geraldine voice) He is just trying connect wit' cha. If only the youth of today just stopped and studied the history of that word in America.

  23. When WE as Black People stop using the word, then we can get upset at outlandishness like this. I'm just wondering what God feels about this couple calling His Son their n****. I guess that's what THEY'LL have to find out.

    • so you do not approve of that word regardless of -er or -a at the end

    • I believe in freedom of speech. I don't care who uses the word or how they spell it as long as they don't use it in a negative connotation toward anyone.

    • I just don't think that Christians should be referring to Jesus or God as their n**** or homie or home-boy or whatever. God is NOT our brother or our partner, He is our Heavenly Father and should be revered and respected. Too many people nowadays are comfortable with blaspheming and using The Lord's name in vain.

    • Max Conde…. no offense, but yo, my pre-teen kids are laughing at your dumb ass comment! Nigger or nigga? Really dude? Oh yeah, using the 'a' instead of 'er' makes it a whole lot better! Wow!

    • Max Conde @ DAMN RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

    • David William Cooke -And that is what you can't stop. You can stop using it period!

  24. The thing that I find amazing, us all the people who claim that they don't use the words…negroes please!!! We all use the word behind closed doors, it is when we share it in the open, that we risk people misusing it.

  25. What happenend to the phrase "Brother" or Brotha. It inspires comradery, respect, and caring when I am called that by my peers. Nothing negative when it is said alone. Say the word brother to yourself. Sounds real good to me. Try the word Sister or Sista. Sounds real good to me. However you wish to pronounce these words, back in the day was still said with respect, comradery and caring. Replace the N-word with Brother.

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  27. This post is great. I realy love it!

  28. It’s just bc he’s white as usual.

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