Judge Tells Stephon Marbury You Owe Your Mistress $330k in ‘Hush Money’

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Married ex-NBA star Stephon Marbury learned the hard way … if you promise your mistress a boatload of “hush money” in writing … you will HAVE to cough up the cash, this according to a NY judge.

Long story short … Marbury struck a deal with Thurayyah Mitchell — the personal chef he banged back in 2006 — to keep quiet on their love affair, in exchange for a $900,000 payday. But Marbury stopped making the payments in 2010 — after shelling out about $600,000.

Mitchell was pissed and filed legal docs demanding the rest of the cash. Marbury refused, in legal docs of his own, claiming her filing was a breach of their confidentiality deal.On Feb. 1 the judge sided with Mitchell — and ordered Marbury to pony up the remaining $331,584.50 he owes … plus interest.



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  1. I bet he's on mute now.

  2. Plus interest… my kind of payday

  3. Men have historically paid women to open their legs and to open their mouths. Courts are now saying men must pay to open the legs and to keep the mouth shut.

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